Top 5 Most expensive microphones on the market


Humans are curious by nature. Otherwise, why would we want to know what is the farthest planet, the brightest people, the most expensive things? Especially we are attracted by everything that is unavailable to us. Or not? There are several aspects that truly make a good microphone. First of all, pay attention to the tone … Read more

How does a wireless microphone work

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How to set up microphone settings on Windows 10


Windows is an operating system that is still dominant on the market even after all these years, and more people are familiar with it (also because of the gear at a less price than, for instance, iMac) but even here some issues with mic configurations may occur. What is more, many users have complained about … Read more

How to set up microphone settings on Mac

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7 Best vocal microphones under $200


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7 Best microphones for ASMR


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Top 12 microphone preamps for any budget


What exactly a microphone preamp and why do you need it? Or do you need it at all? The amplifier is a device that allows us to increase the amount of electronic signal, that is present in an electronic device. Usually, when we are talking about the amplifiers, we talk about the speaker amplifiers. But … Read more

How to set up your microphone for streaming on Youtube & Twitch


Basically, in this article, we are going to talk about how to set your microphone for streaming in general, including Youtube and Twitch (these are just the most popular services for that). As preparation in advance, you have to make sure that the microphone that you’re using is suitable for talking voice. It should not … Read more

How to set up your microphone for recording

First of all, it depends on the type of microphone that you are going to use and where you are going to record. If you are going to make a recording in a studio with more or less professional microphones, the process of setting can be more tricky and elaborate. Nevertheless, you will end up … Read more

7 Best microphones for piano recordings (updated 2022)


Piano covers on YouTube have become a separate industry with high competition level. Nowadays it is probably possible to find a cover for every single song. Some of them become almost as much popular as the original versions. To be honest, many of them sound better than the originals. However, some sound worse. What is … Read more