3dio microphone review

The gist of binaural stereo recording permits you to catch the experience of human hearing, to reproduce live tone precisely as it was fixed!

When various periodicities of the sound wave log in both ears, they force our brain to resound with them.
Therefore, making a powerful sensation of stinging, which is named ASMR (autonomic sensory response of the meridian).

The capacity of the binaural mic you choose depends on how well you can catch and reproduce the binaural tone when compared with conventional headphones and stereo speakers.
If you intend to record a silent tone or ACMP video for the Youtube channel, then the Free Space 3dio binaural microphone can help you, it features a low sound level (14 decibels) and is used just to record low noise.
This type of mic keep a low level of its own noise, so you are able to easily mitigate the noise level, issued by the mic during recording.
A type Free Space 3dio is a binaural model, characterized by an omnidirectional structure and frequency response in the range from 100 Hz to 10 kHz. The frequency range of this type of microphone is such that it perfectly copes with the recording of percussion and string instruments (acoustic guitars or drum cymbals).
Unique design and soft ears are made of silicone, imitating the structure of human ears, – a distinctive feature of this model. The “filling” of this mic is Primo EM172 capsules, which are in each ear. Thanks to them, you can forget about the wind noise, recording outdoors. Such capsules are charged by a single 9 V alkaline battery that is inside the device housing.
The 3Dio Free Space mic has a regular 1/8 “(3.5 mm) stereo jack and is supplied in a set with a 3.5 mm male cable attach the mic to a stereo recorder, microphone preamplifier or camcorder.

Also, at the bottom of the microphone adapter, a standard socket for the internal thread (6.5 mm) is situated for connecting the hot shoe. This means that you can use a tripod or stand for a more stable installation of the mic.
Binaural microphone 3Dio Free Space is a handheld decision, it is ideal to always take it with you. Its weight is only 680 grams and dimensions are 19 * 11 * 11.

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