6 Best Microphones to Record Sound Effects


Background and foley sounds are a crucial part of many videos and movies, however, we almost never pay attention to it. Image a situation if you’re watching a video where you see skyscrapers, millions of people rushing to work, subway, cabs, ice cream vendors, but there is no sound, and the name of this video … Read more

Free microphone software in 2022


Ok, so you just got your first professional (or not) microphone. You come home, excited to install it and turn your room into a little home studio. When all the mechanical process is made, you plug in the microphone into your computer and find out that it is not that easy as it seemed before. … Read more

11 Best microphones for beginners 2022

Best microphones for beginners

If this is the first time you are going to buy a microphone, this article will help you perfectly. It does not matter what field of activity you have chosen. It can be a recording of vocals, podcasts or sound. Anyway, you need a good, but inexpensive microphone to get started. This way you can … Read more

Best wireless microphones 2022

Best wireless microphones

To avoid an error when selecting a microphone, you must first determine the purpose of buy. A big advantage of a radio microphone is the lack of wire, which gives more freedom of movement. Dynamic microphones, for the most part, are used at various events or karaoke. They provide good sound quality even for signals … Read more

11 Best microphones for streaming 2022

Best microphones for streaming

YouTube is evolving, and with it, video blogs and streaming. A Stream is a broadcast of what happens on your computer in real-time. Most often it’s the passing of games, but it can also be a broadcast of anime voice recording, a movie and much more. So to please the demanding audience, everything must be … Read more

11 Best microphones for gaming 2022

Best microphones for gaming

If you spend a lot of time playing computer games there is a good chance that you play at least one multiplayer game. It doesn’t matter if MOBA is a first-person shooter or indie game. You need a microphone so that you can talk to other players and coordinate your actions.  It doesn’t have to … Read more

11 Best microphone stands 2022

Best microphone stands

A microphone stand is construction on which a microphone is mounted. The flexibility of the construction allows you to change the level of the stand and place the microphone at a certain angle. If you want to buy a microphone stand, think about how you will use it. If you’ve been to concerts, you’ve probably … Read more

11 Best ribbon microphones 2022

Best ribbon microphones

After many decades of undeserved oblivion, ribbon microphones are at their peak in popularity. This historic reincarnation was due to the significant contribution of Royer Labs engineers. They have proven that ribbon technology is not a forgotten past, but a promising future. But, other manufacturers have also supported this trend and created many quality microphones. … Read more

11 Best vocal recording microphones 2022

Best vocal recording microphones

Choosing the right microphone means ensuring a third of your success with a quality vocal recording. The wrong or poor microphone will ruin the sound of the vocalist and the whole song. That’s why you need to take responsibility when choosing the right recording device. The question “Which microphone to choose for recording vocals?” was … Read more

Best microphones for podcasting 2022

Best microphones for podcasting

Podcasts are gaining in popularity today. Listeners like to chance interesting stories, useful information, and interviews. Bloggers like to share their lives and interesting stories. But, for both sides of this class, a good sound recording is an important part. To ensure this aspect, you need to use quality techniques and have good skills in … Read more