5 Best Astatic Microphones

Astatic is the ultimate radio mic brand. Every microphone, cable, and antenna by this brand are quality checked before shipping away. Truck drivers can always say a good thing about it. Generally, when you pay for an Astatic you get ABS housing for utmost durability. Compatibility is ensured by the 4 Pin connector that connects to any 4 pin radio. And all Astatics cancel noise well. So, here are the 5 best Astatic microphones.

Astatic 302-636LB1

The starter model is 302-636LB1, always in stock. This is the cheapest world famous replacement mic. Your cash gets you the rugged housing design, obviously. Polyurethane сoated steel grille and coiled cord adds the ruggedness. When it comes to the actual sound, the low impedance dynamic element provides superior sound quality for CB, amateur, and single-side band communications. It can be tweaked to the max, but be careful not to lose the warranty.

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Astatic 636L Noise Canceling Mic

Just one buck gets you the classic model, discussed and reviewed everywhere. It is the 636L, no other numbers.  This is a dynamic mic that does a great job at canceling noise. Black cycolac case is what we have to say ruggedness here. So rugged that, with Amazon, it comes bulk packed. 

Frequency response starts at 100Hz and cancels low-frequency noise and ends at 8 kHz canceling your mad yells at other drivers (joking). Other figures available is output level at 1kHz and output impedance at 2000 Ohms to match 600-5000 Ohm inputs. Pegs needle on SSB 12 Watt PEP output, and swings the needle on AM 19 (just talk loud on AM and hold it close). According to all comments and reviews the 636L works perfectly in loudest vehicles.

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Astatic 302-10309 Stars N’ Stripes

The Extremely Patriotic version of 636L. No extra features or ruggedness, just an extra flag. If you use your radio a lot wear and tear will make it look less patriotic pretty soon. The cable is 4 feet, by the way. There also a Special Anniversary Edition (no flag).

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Astatic (302-10005) D104M6B Amplified Ceramic Power

Astatic offers a model of completely different design as well. The D104M6B Ceramic Power Microphone is actually a handheld version of the classic D-104 mic. Your payment gets you a molded black tough ABS housing. Chrome-plated grille looks like it will keep away the rust for ages. D104M6B is just as good for harsh mobile environments as models above.

The notable thing is that it’s an amplified mic. It picks up more noises than the ones above. This model is certainly less fit for noisy trucks. The stiff PTT  button won’t let you to talk too much either.

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Astatic Omnidirectional Dynamic Palmheld Microphone

The classiest and the most expensive microphone from Astatic. Omnidirectional pick-up pattern is another distinguishment. The cable is different as well, it is stripped and tinned. Low impedance output is good for long cable runs. External contact closure is yet another feature we can’t skip. Astatic Omnidirectional works with amateur equipment as most transceivers require high impedance dynamic inputs. 

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