6 Best Binaural Microphones

Due to the overwhelming technological progress, the world right now is crazy about authentic things and experiences. More and more authenticity is achieved in different areas. In the music business, for example, the sound quality now is proclaimed fidelity. High fidelity means that music is recorded in such a way that its sound is no different from the one you can listen to on live performances. So, basically, the closer to life the sound you listen to through your device, the higher its fidelity.

Before you hear something, your eardrums receive signals that then travel through ear canals to your brain. So, if the sound source is not exactly in front of you or behind you, your ears hear the sound differently, because the traveling distance is different. The way to record music so that it sounded like in a real live show is through using a binaural microphone. Binaural microphones are very special – some of them even come with dummy heads.

Best Pick: Hooke Verse
Comfortable headphones that can record binaural 3D audio and thus make three-dimensional sound available.
Budget Pick: SP-BMC-2
Accurately capture sonic information coming from all directions and produce extremely realistic recordings when listened to through headphones.

Top binaural mics:


This is the first binaural microphone on our list. As it is shown in the picture, you just need to put it on like you put on your earphones. Flat frequency response and high sensitivity are protected by a set of windscreens (outside dimension is 1″ X .8″). These super-soft in-ear holders slip right into your ears, so it is very comfortable to wear them. The small size obviously helps as well. Whereas these mics are going to be situated next to the ear canals, your hearing is not going to get worse, so you will be able to enjoy the sound while you are recording it. The cables end with a stereo 1/8″ (3.5mm) gold-plated jack.

These mics have an omnidirectional pickup pattern. You get to choose between two available microphone sensitivities. The standard option works with sounds ranging from pretty quiet to extremely loud. The high sensitivity option is for the sounds ranging from extremely quiet to moderately loud. You can choose the microphone cable color – it can be either black or beige. You can use the mics with any recorder that has “plug-in-power” or a battery module.


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SP-BMC-2 by Sound Professionals

This is one more affordable option that comes with windscreens. Despite the tiny size, approx. 1/4″ diameter X 1/2″, lengthy microphone cartridges are very rugged and can ensure a lifetime of accurate recordings.

Each of the two microphone elements is mounted to their own high-quality durable rubber cases. The devices can be powered by the battery module or phantom power as it is usually the case with Sound Professionals products.

The characteristics of the mics are the following: signal to noise ratio, 58dB, dynamic range 81dB/96dB and 20-20,000 Hz frequency response. The maximum input sound level is 105dB/120dB, which is also common among Sound Professionals products.

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SP-TFB-2 by Sound Professionals

This model is premium. It has flexible black shielded cables. The shielding is quite helpful when your entire studio crew is texting, sexting or Instagramming while recording sound.

The mic’s body is made of matte plastic.

The microphones are mounted in comfortable soft, In-Ear holders that slip right into the ear structure. It produces extremely realistic recordings

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Hooke Verse Binaural Microphone

Hooke Verse Binaural MicrophoneAt first glance, Verse looks like a completely ordinary sports headphones. These headphones are designed so that the microphones are located on the left and right exactly above the ear canals. Due to this position, microphones become a binaural sound recorder for capturing three-dimensional sound.

Hooke Verse picks up and plays back sound exactly the way you hear it in reality. To record 3D sound using Verse, you can connect them to your iOS or Android mobile device via Bluetooth. In the kit, there is even an additional cable for connecting headphones with photo and action cameras. With it, the Hooke connects to these devices via the Micro- and Mini-USB-interface or through the 3.5 mm jack for digital SLR cameras, mixers or other devices.

Thus, the headphones replace the regular microphone on your devices and record the three-dimensional sound.

If you just need a high-quality Bluetooth headset for audio playback, there are other options that will replace Hooke Audio. But there are no other iPhone Bluetooth headsets that I know of that could play and record high-quality audio in real time and synchronously, especially at the price that Hooke Audio is currently selling this headset. Therefore, if you want to capture the important event with sound quality that will bring the moment back, the Hooke Verse headset is currently the best way to do this.

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3Dio FS (FS-2W-001)

3dio binaural mic

3Dio FS is a great binaural microphone that comes with the polyurethane ears. With it, you can record nature sounds, live performances, theatre performances, and more. Even filmmakers tend to use such kind of microphones.

The model comes with two special inputs – a stereo 3,5 mm output jack and the one for powering. It has a 9V alkaline battery. What it also has is a stand that supports the construction during recording. This is probably the most unusual model on our list and yet it is very popular on Amazon. Check it out yourself!

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Roland CS-10EM Binaural Microphone / Earphones Bundle 

Roland CS-10EM Binaural Microphone : Earphones Bundle Roland CS-10EM is both high-quality headphones and a condenser stereo microphone in one device! Ideal for recording in the field. Their main task is to transmit to the recording exactly what you are listening to. Ideal for use with devices like Roland R-05, R-09HR and BOSS Micro BR.

The main features:

  • Compact, high-quality stereo microphones integrated into the headphones;
  • Phantom power from just 2 to 10 volts;
  • The idea of ​​”all-in-one” allows you to monitor sound directly during recording;
  • The deeply thought-out design.

Just put on your headphones with a microphone and record what you hear and then listen right away. You can enjoy realistic sound as if you were there.