6 Best Binaural Microphones (updated 2022)

Due to the overwhelming technological progress, the world right now is crazy about authentic things and experiences. More and more authenticity is achieved in different areas. In the music business, for example, the sound quality now is proclaimed fidelity. High fidelity means that music is recorded in such a way that its sound is no different from the one you can listen to on live performances. So, basically, the closer to life the sound you listen to through your device, the higher its fidelity.

Before you hear something, your eardrums receive signals that then travel through ear canals to your brain. So, if the sound source is not exactly in front of you or behind you, your ears hear the sound differently, because the traveling distance is different. The way to record music so that it sounded like in a real live show is through using a binaural microphone. Binaural microphones are very special – some of them even come with dummy heads.


This is the first binaural microphone on our list. As it is shown in the picture, you just need to put it on like you put on your earphones. Flat frequency response and high sensitivity are protected by a set of windscreens (outside dimension is 1″ X .8″). These super-soft in-ear holders slip right into your ears, so it is very comfortable to wear them. The small size obviously helps as well. Whereas these mics are going to be situated next to the ear canals, your hearing is not going to get worse, so you will be able to enjoy the sound while you are recording it. The cables end with a stereo 1/8″ (3.5mm) gold-plated jack.

These mics have an omnidirectional pickup pattern. You get to choose between two available microphone sensitivities. The standard option works with sounds ranging from pretty quiet to extremely loud. The high sensitivity option is for the sounds ranging from extremely quiet to moderately loud. You can choose the microphone cable color – it can be either black or beige. You can use the mics with any recorder that has “plug-in-power” or a battery module.


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Lavalier Microphone MAONO AU-404

Lavalier Microphone MAONO AU-404 The AU-404 binaural microphone is specifically designed for binaural sound recording. The microphone is lightweight, does not reduce the perception of sounds, and thus has no effect on test results.

The top of the binaural microphone consists of two 2 mm diameter stainless steel tubes. Since the microphone cable runs inside these tubes, they can be bent to allow the user to adjust their position. The miniature coaxial cable with connectors at its other end has bayonet connectors. Besides, a clip of the cable attached to the test person’s clothing allows the microphones and the user’s ear to be loaded off.

Molded rubber inserts and windshields are designed to make the ear comfortable when. For example, the microphone AU-404 is worn under a broken helmet.

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Zoom H3-VR

Zoom H3-VR

The Zoom H3-VR is a unique microphone for recording ambisonic surround sound, binaural sound, and standard stereo sound. This indispensable assistant for creating VR is equipped with a decoder and supports 5.1 surround sound and streaming.

Over the years, recording audio for VR required an ambisonic microphone, a separate recorder, and a computer to convert it to the desired format. The H3-VR is capable of handling this all by itself, saving money and effort. The Zoom H3-VR is equipped with four capsules and is able to record 24 bit/96 kHz ambo sound, 24 bit/48 kHz binaural 3D stereo, standard stereo, and 5.1ch Surround.

The microphone is equipped with a 6-axis gyroscope that allows you to record the correct stereo picture and location of sound sources regardless of the position of the device. Zoom H3-VR is equipped with a bright display and control buttons on the body, has two independent outputs (headphones and in-line), a slot for SD card up to 512 GB, and a USB interface for streaming audio output.

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VoiceJoy Binaural Headset

VoiceJoy Binaural Headset

VoiceJoy Binaural Headset is a USB headset in stereo (binaural) version, equipped with a microphone to reduce ambient noise.

It is a headset with two speakers (binaural) and an adjustable microphone holder.

It is equipped with a round LED on the speakers for visual status indication. This allows you to communicate with colleagues who are involved in a telephone conversation or video conference to avoid interference and interruptions.

Other key features of this USB headset include an adjustable headband, a microphone with noise reduction technology 8 to reduce external noise, and protection against acoustic shock. For example, loud noise/line noise can damage the hearing organ. The boom of the microphone is ergonomic and adjustable.

VoiceJoy Binaural Headset can be worn so that the microphone is left or right thanks to the rotating microphone arrow. The connection is via the built-in USB cable.

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KINDEN Binaural Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headset

KINDEN Binaural Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headset

These are compact headphones with a microphone for immersion in 3D.

This headset from Kinden is easy to use, has a stylish design and small size. But with all this, it is fully capable of showing you the wonders of binaural audio.

Whether it’s the sounds of a noisy street, the unknown sounds of a rainforest, or the rumble of a concert hall, this headset will make you feel in these places.

This new model is ideal for smartphones.

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Roland CS-10EM Binaural Microphone / Earphones Bundle 

Roland CS-10EM Binaural Microphone : Earphones Bundle Roland CS-10EM is both high-quality headphones and a condenser stereo microphone in one device! Ideal for recording in the field. Their main task is to transmit to the recording exactly what you are listening to. Ideal for use with devices like Roland R-05, R-09HR and BOSS Micro BR.

The main features:

  • Compact, high-quality stereo microphones integrated into the headphones;
  • Phantom power from just 2 to 10 volts;
  • The idea of ​​”all-in-one” allows you to monitor sound directly during recording;
  • The deeply thought-out design.

Just put on your headphones with a microphone and record what you hear and then listen right away. You can enjoy realistic sound as if you were there.

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