10 Best Blue microphones

Blue Microphones have dramatically changed all representations of different types of microphones – these were devices with outstanding sound, allowing to make each record unique and incredibly soulful. This production is focused on the problem of the future of the music industry and the latest standards. It is not surprising that many people want to buy Blue Microphones – best analog microphones for recording and performances.

The production of Blue Microphones is based on the use of the best transistors and components of the first-class. This technique is indispensable in the arsenal of professional directors of a sound console and actors of any orientation. All devices have in their structure capsules, which were thoroughly tested for performance verification.

Blue Spark Digital

It should be noted at once – Spark Digital microphone is used in professional recording. That is, the singers record their tracks through the microphone, and then, after the treatment course, tracks are sent to the market. This shows the high quality of the device and clean recording. The microphone features a condenser capsule of a studio class that allows the product to record a clean and tight sound of speech, musical instruments, sound recording in noisy environments. The device comes with a fairly heavy and stable stand, which does not give the microphone to fall, even if you strongly sway a table.

To record a sound there are four modes of the microphone directivity, connected either via USB, or you can connect the product to the iPad and work with proprietary applications. The main body of the microphone has a headphone jack, the switch to work with different modes, volume, and mute key. When buying a gadget you also get the access to Blue’s Cloud Production Bundle, which you can process the sound online.

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Blue Yeti

Having conquered the professional studio and reached the tops in the analog recording, Blue Microphones could not help but pay attention to digital technology, and USB-microphone market could not withstand the pressure of creative engineers of Blue Microphones. Yeti model is one of the most popular in the world thanks to the ideal combination of price and quality.

This is the most advanced and versatile USB-multidirectional microphone from available ones at the moment. With the Yeti you can make recordings with remarkable clarity and precision, previously unheard for USB microphones.

Features, modes, and connection.
The is famous for its built-in three capsules. These capsules allow you to record the sound in four different modes: stereo, cardioid, omnidirectional, and bi-directional.

  • the stereo mode helps you to record vocals or play on any musical instrument;
  • the cardioid mode is good to record podcasts, voice, and singing (often I use this particular mode);
  • the omnidirectional mode is useful at any conferences. If your microphone is in the middle of the table, it will record the speech of everyone who is sitting at this table;
  • the bi-directional mode is needed mainly for interviews, but sometimes it is used for recording instruments, as well as podcasts.

The Yeti features high-quality analog-to-digital converter for processing and transmitting the high-quality digital signal directly to the computer without going through a lot of links – like in the case with conventional microphones. Built-in preamplifier for headphone allows monitoring the recorded signal without any delay. This feature is very useful for the recording of vocals and leadings of online broadcasts.

Additional features
On the front side of the microphone, there is a mute button (an incredibly useful thing!), and the headphone volume control. Built-in microphone sound card is designed so that when connecting the Yeti to your computer, it displays not only your voice but also all sounds from your PC. Thus, you can connect headphones directly to the microphone, and not to the computer: it is useful for those people who have audio inputs on the back of the system unit.
Connecting and inputs
Blue Yeti is connected to your computer via the USB cable and works well with Windows, and with any other system, such as MacOS. All inputs are located on the bottom wall of the microphone: from the left, there is USB, from the right – an input for connecting headphones.

  1. Voltage: 5V 150mA.
  2. Sampling frequency: 48 kHz.
  3. Bit rate: 16-bit.
  4. Caps: three 14mm condenser capsules.
  5. Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz.
  6. The maximum sound pressure: 120 dB (THD: 0,5% to 1 kHz).
  7. Impedance: 16 ohms.
  8. Output power (RMS): 130 mW.
  9. Signal to noise ratio: 100 dB.

Blue Yeti – is the device that has the most successful value for money. Buying the microphone, you should understand that this device is not for a professional recording, but rather, for the amateur, but quality. Yeti is an excellent option for bloggers, podcasters who want to delight their audience with pure sound.

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Blue Yeti Pro

Yeti Pro – is a more advanced development of Blue mics, this device has become the world’s first USB-microphone that records audio at 24-bit / 192, and has an analog output XLR. Inside the microphone Yeti Pro microphone, there are advanced audio converters and discrete analog circuitry and elements that help to use the microphone with professional mixers and preamps.

It is one of the few times when the most expensive gadget in the compilation is really the best solution. Microphone Blue Yeti Pro is used by professional commentators of sporting events, commentators CS GO, Dota 2, LoL, podcasters, bloggers, etc. Due to the large weight of the stand, which is made of metal and has a rough bottom, to budge the microphone or to drop it without special effort will be a difficult task. The total weight is more than a kilo – this is a very hard platform.

The microphone itself has four modes of sound recording – cardioid, bi-directional, omnidirectional, stereo. The bit rate is 24 bit, the frequency range of 20-20,000 Hz, the maximum sound pressure – 120 dB. The main body has a connector to the XLR and USB, as well as a headphone jack. The main body has two levers – one is to switch the orientation of the type, and the second is to increase the incoming sound. There’s also a mute button and a headphone volume. Due to its design and the quality of the recording the microphone deserves the title of the best in the market for tape drives, or simply to record your voice.

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Blue Baby Bottle

A model the Bottle is the flagship of the entire company and is the greatest achievement in the field of innovation and quality. Baby Bottle – this is the microphone with smooth high and neutral bottoms. It allows you to create a very classic, but at the same time, the modern-sounding audio. Equipped with a specially designed capsule under tension of 100 Volt, Baby Bottle gives the excellent rich sound, while also being the quietest microphone in its class.
Baby Bottle can be considered as the main universal microphone. It is designed to transmit clearly dedicated, warm middle with good detail, thanks to the successful design of the capsule. It is recommended for rock vocals of a certain type, if you have to write a lot of tops and bottoms, you can squeeze the middle range and keep the vocals in the center. It also works perfectly with a saxophone, trumpet, and cello. Because the cello does not fall too low, and you don’t need a microphone to capture all this infrasound, which can lead to chaos in the mix.

  1. Directivity: cardioids.
  2. Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz.
  3. Impedance: 50 ohms.
  4. Sensitivity: 33.5mV / Pa.
  5. The maximum sound pressure: 132 dB SPL.
  6. S / N ratio: 87 dB.
  7. Phantom power: 48V.

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Blue Blueberry

Blueberry model consists of discrete microphone amplifier, carefully chosen specifically for this model, cardioid, a large diaphragm of manual collection. The company’s specialists have calculated the input level of this model, focusing on the needs of both amateur musicians and professionals.
The timbre of the microphone capsule is configured in such a way that the end result resembles the sound of old microphones, and provides a signal, in which there are no low-frequency resonances, which, in turn, may adversely affect the further work with the record.

All microphones of the company have a hand volume control, and the user may be close to the microphone as far as it is convenient for him.
Blueberry was conceived as a large diaphragm microphone, specifically designed for acoustic guitar with steel strings. He has incredibly bright, sparkling sound. It also wonderfully conveys a breath of a singer that really like the performers of Pop and R&B. Some call Blueberry the “sexy” microphone.

  1. Type: studio condenser.
  2. Wireless interface.
  3. Directionality: cardioids.
  4. Bottom border of frequent range: 20 Hz.
  5. Upper border of frequent range: 20 000 Hz.
  6. Sensitivity: 20 mV / Pa.
  7. Max. sound pressure level (SPL): 140 dB.
  8. Impedance: 150 ohms.
  9. Power: 48 V.
  10. Length: 235 mm.
  11. Diameter: 50 mm.
  12. Weight: 520 g.

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Blue Raspberry

This is a compact condenser USB microphone -Raspberry, compatible with iPhone/iPad and computer on the Windows and Mac platforms. This model provides recording at resolutions up to 24 bit/48 kHz and can be used for creating podcasts, audio recordings for YouTube videos, voice narration, as well as the vocals and instruments.

The proprietary technology Internal Acoustic Diffuser (IAD) and removable Folding Stand – the main features of Blue Raspberry. The first allows you to minimize the background noise, and the second provides protection of the microphone against vibration thanks to the shock-absorbing surface of the legs. In addition, the stand provides additional protection during transit. Among other features, note the presence gain control with the button “Mute” and a headphone output with separate volume control for monitoring with no delay.

Technical aspects:

  1. Frequency range: 20 … 20,000 Hz.
  2. Type: electret condenser, 14 mm.
  3. Polar pattern: cardioids.
  4. Maximum SPL: 120 dB.
  5. Gain adjustment range: 0 – 40 dB.
  6. Dimensions with stand: 147.5 mm × 58,5 × 46,75 mm.
  7. Weight with stand: 272.3 g.

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Blue Snowflake

The first professional portable USB-mic in the world. The microphone is extremely small, but apart from that has the original design – the microphone cable can be folded in a special department. Despite its small size Blue Snowflake has great opportunities – it covers the frequency included in
the range from 35 Hz to 20 KHz. And all because in the microphone there is the superior capsule, which, on a couple with precise digital converter, creates this sound.

It is an ideal choice for the recording of audio samples, interviews or dictation of the text. You can put it
on a table or mount on the lid of the notebook, with original built-in stand, any position will be sustained.

It works ideally with Garage Band systems, Logic 7 and Adobe Premier Elements, and is connected via the USB connector.

Features of USB-Microphone Blue Snowflake:

  1. Compatible with computers running on Mac OS system and Windows.
  2. Blue Snowflake – is the world’s first professional USB-compact microphone. It provides excellent sound quality, despite its small size.
  3. The microphone has a condenser capsule of Blue Microphones, which provides a professional sound quality. The microphone is ideal for voice recording, podcasting, interviews, creating sound track for home video, music, voice recognition, and presentations. It can be used in a variety of cases, and, of course, to communicate over the Internet with Skype and Go.
  4. It connects directly to the USB port of a laptop or desktop computer. The cable, which is included, is conveniently removed in a special branch of the microphone stand.
  5. With foldable stand, the microphone can be mounted directly on a laptop or on a table. In this and in another case, the microphone position will be sustained.
  6. To use the microphone is not required the installation of additional drivers, it operates on a Plug and Play.
  7. Compatible with a variety of software including Garage Band, Logic 7 and Adobe Premier Elements.
  8. The microphone is very compact. Folded it fits easily in any bag.


  1. Membrane: capacitor.
  2. Diagram orientation: cardioids.
  3. Frequency response: 35 Hz to 20 kHz.
  4. Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz.
  5. Data transfer rate: 16 bits.

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Blue Snowball

This is the professional USB-microphone with changeable patterns. Blue Microphones company was among the first in the world caught the trend and created a condenser microphone for recording podcasts, and real life has expanded the scope of the device to include a home, garage studio, as well as bloggers single.
Regardless of the scope of the Blue Snowball, one thing remains unchanged – professional quality. To immediately start writing of high-quality sound you need to connect the Snowball with the computer via USB port, regardless of whether it’s Mac or PC, stationary machine, laptop or iPad.

In accordance with the type of problem to be solved one of the switch positions is selected from the rear of the “ball” with a diameter of 10.3 cm “1,” “2” or “3”. Thus, the Snowball is either omnidirectional microphone or catches the sound within the “heart” of the curve (cardioid), the third option – for extreme loudness levels: a filter is switched on, cut 10 dB.

Variation of a diagram type “circle” or “eight” is technically possible due to the presence of two sound pick-caps in the Snowball. The microphone copes with a signal from any source. At the exit, you will get an excellent record, retaining the maximum of the original features and minimum distortion.

Blue Snowball engineers conceived the mic as a desktop microphone (for the Snowball an anti-vibration suspension – Blue Ringer is designed). The Snowball is screwed and confidently stands on its own three-legged tripod. In the vertical plane, the “head” of the microphone can be lifted “up” or tilt the “down”.

To start operation, no special software or drivers are needed. The first step – Plug – recite the text, sing or play, write or chat conference reports. The second step – Play of finished material, filled in on the online channel. With the Snowball everything is simple: recorded this evening in the kitchen will sound with studio clarity and purity.

Gamma colors of corps, offered by creators of the Snowball, is wide enough: black (GB, Gloss Black), orange (NO, Neon Orange), blue (EB, Electric Blue), green (Neon Green), white (TW, Textured White), silver ( BA, Brushed Aluminum).

The mic is designed for professional musicians and podcasters.


  1. Microphone type: condenser.
  2. Work both in omnidirectional or cardioid mode.
  3. Frequency range: 44.1 kHz / 16 bit.
  4. Sensitivity position 1-3: 40-18 kHz.
  5. Extra advantages: it does not require driver installation when used with PC and Mac.
  6. Weight/size: 460g/325mm in circumference.

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Blue Nessie

Blue Microphones Nessie – is a stylish, elegant and really modern microphone which allows you to record the voiceover, live vocals and lots of musical instruments using a standard home computer. The main feature of this model is its portable design and high sound quality. Simply connect the microphone to your PC, and you can create tracks as if you are in a music studio.
Switching is done via the USB slot. Integrated POP-filter reduces the sharpness of explosive overtones. Adaptive damping system allows you to effectively cope with the vibrations. A flexible handler clears the tracks offline. Complete the picture the three working format, allowing to focus on the sound of the vocals or live instruments or keep the same classic recording.
This compact, efficient, but at the same time a simple device will open up new horizons for your home recording.


  1. Destination: recording vocals and instruments.
  2. Type: condenser table microphone.
  3. Cardioid mode
  4. Frequency range: 15 Hz – 22 kHz.
  5. SPL: 100dB.
  6. Bit rate: 16-bit.
  7. Voltage: 5V 150mA.
  8. Sampling frequency: 48 kHz.
  9. Weight: 0,64 kg.

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Blue Mikey Digital

Blue Microphones Mikey Digital – is a super-compact stereo condenser type, designed specifically to turn your mobile phone or tablet into a portable device for recording audio. This model is perfect for on-site work: improvised interviews, rehearsals and recording music podcasts. If desire, you can easily record both vocal and instrumental music.

The wide frequency range (35 to 20 000 Hz) and a cardioid polar pattern create all the necessary conditions for the creation of clean, expressive and truly professional tracks. Therefore, choosing the Blue Microphones Mikey Digital, you take the right decision.


  1. Destination: recording live music, podcasts, interview and vocal.
  2. Type: stereo condenser microphone.
  3. Cardioid mode.
  4. Sampling: 44.1 kHz / 16-bit.
  5. Frequency range: 35 Hz – 20 kHz.
  6. Quantization depth: 16 bits.
  7. Weight: 0.4 kg.

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