9 Best choir microphones

Cardioid condenser microphones are usually the ones used for singing in a choir. They have very long cables – several meters, robust design that can withstand the vigorous stage life, and protection against interference, which makes the signal as clean as possible. Such microphones are usually available in neutral colors and therefore are unnoticeable on the stage.

Theater and choral microphones are equipped with a locking system of feedback. It prevents the formation of unpleasant, sharp noises that can occur during contact with a microphone. Cardioid condenser microphones usually have super-cardioid, cardioid or omnidirectional capsules, which can be replaced. In addition, there are usually some auxiliary accessories.
So, let’s take a look at the most popular models of choir microphones.


best pick
Shure CVO-W/C

Shure CVO-W/C

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  • modern appearance
  • the capsule of cardioid directionality
  • the wind protection
  • the technology of interference protection

runner up
Shure MX202B/C

Shure MX202B/C


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  • black mini-condenser cardioid mic
  • balanced, transformer less output for increased immunity to noise over long cable runs
  • supplied stand-mount adapter for portable applications

budget pick
Rode M5 Compact 1/2 Condenser Microphone

Rode M5 Compact 1/2 Condenser Microphone


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  • a small-diaphragm condenser microphone
  • WS5 windshields and RM5 stand mounts
  • highly sensitive to your environment

Shure CVO-W/C

Shure CVO-W / C – is a hanging condenser microphone. The microphone is mounted on a flexible holder, on which the power cable is situated. Because of its cardioid directional pattern, the model provides a clean sound without background noise or interference. This microphone has proven to be great in various performances, choir, and other events, where there are multiple sound sources. The device comes with a windscreen and a cable of 7.5 meters in length, which can be used even on a large stage.
Accurate sound transmission
The model is equipped with a cardioid capsule, which catches even the quietest sounds coming from the stage. At the same time, this type of capsules is known for qualitative sound transmission. The microphone is also equipped with a built-in preamplifier to make the sound transmission even better.
Protection against interference
The device has a built-in protection circuit against interference – Comm Shield Technology. This technology protects the microphone from the noise that may occur if there are other wireless devices in its coverage area. You don’t need to worry if someone suddenly turns on a mobile phone during recording – Shure CVO-W/C will maintain a clean audio signal.


  1. Modern appearance;
  2. The capsule of cardioid directionality;
  3. The cable of 7.5 m;
  4. The wind protection;
  5. The technology of interference protection.


  1. S/N ratio, 67 dB;
  2. Frequency range: Hz 70 – 16,000;
  3. Rated current consumption: 2 mA;
  4. Reception sensitivity -33 dB;
  5. Phantom power;
  6. Weight: 133 g.

Additional information:

  1. Microphone type: condenser cardioid microphone on a flexible boom;
  2. Polar pattern: cardioids;
  3. Areas of use: choirs, theaters, religious organizations, etc;
  4. Built-in preamplifier.
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Shure MX202B/C

Shure MX202B/C – is a miniature theater and choral microphone with cardioids. The microphone has a flexible mounting, the length of which is 10 cm. The cord of the mic is 9 m. The electret condenser miniature microphone of the popular series MicroflexMX200 is produced by Shure company for scoring choirs and performances of artists on stage. This type of microphone is usually placed over the heads of the performers. The microphone has very high sensitivity and a wide frequency range of 50 Hz – 17,000 Hz. It allows you to use the microphone for scoring at concerts and in professional recording studios. The microphone is equipped with a flexible mount called “gooseneck”, the length of which is 10 cm.

The mic is created with the use of the best technologies of the company Shure (USA), which is known worldwide for its virtually ideal devices. Almost all types of Shure microphones are known for their quality and clear sound. If you want to buy a theater and choral microphone, SHURE MX202B/C is an optimal solution both for live and studio work.

The best solution for sound recording and the stage

The model is both simple and with a high level of functionality. All you need to do is to place and secure the microphone on the chorus and fix its position. For optimum performance, the microphone requires phantom power. This model comes with three types of microphone capsules: “C” – cardioid polar pattern, “S” – super-cardioid directivity, “O” – a circumferential direction.

Convenient flexible neck for precise direction of the microphone

The theatrical microphone has a flexible rod, the length of which is 10 cm. With the design of “gooseneck”, users can quickly and easily adjust the direction of the microphone to the sound source.

Cardioid directivity for removal of the sound from the singers

The cardioid microphone allows you to record the cleanest sound without extraneous acoustic noises. This is very important if you want to voice certain groups of performers.

Phantom power and external preamp

Like many professional microphones, MX202BP/C requires external phantom power (11 V to 52 V). Phantom power is usually required for the proper operation of a professional condenser and studio microphones.

Wide dynamic and frequency range

MX202BP/C has a wide frequency response (50 Hz to 17,000 Hz), and a wide dynamic range. The microphone provides the most accurate reproduction with minimal interventions, such as electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

Wide dynamic range, stylish design that fits into any interior, the ability to change the toner cartridge and thoughtful features, SHURE MX202BP/C can be called one of the best options on the market. It will provide you with quality sound and durability.

Key Features:

  1. Device type: miniature condenser microphone;
  2. Frequency response: 50 Hz to 17,000 Hz;
  3. Polar pattern: cardioid;
  4. Output impedance: 150 Ohm;
  5. Actual output impedance of 180 ohms;
  6. Sensitivity: -35 dBV / Pa 18 mV;
  7. Signal/noise ratio: 66 dB;
  8. Noise level: 28 dB;
  9. Power supply: P\phantom (11 V to 52 V);
  10. Powered by DC 2 mA.

Additional characteristics:

  1. Connector type: XLR;
  2. Cord Length: 9 meters;
  3. Flexible attachment size: 10 cm;
  4. Operating temperature range: from 18 to 57 degrees Celsius;
  5. The humidity level from 0 to 95 percent;
  6. Weight: 680 gr.
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Rode M5 Compact 1/2 Condenser Microphone

rode choirThis pair of matched microphones are produced by Rode – an Australian company that is known all around the world. The mics have a cardioid pattern. Just like other devices on this list, they are condenser which means they are highly sensitive to your environment. At the same time though there is excellent noise protection, so you can be sure that the devices will work fine both in studios and during live show performances. Choir, musical instruments… All the subtle details will be caught by these powerful sound machines.


  • A small-diaphragm condenser microphone;
  • Weight: 3.25 pounds;
  • Dimensions: 16 x 5 x 12 inches;
  •  WS5 windshields and RM5 stand mounts.
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Beyerdynamic MC930 – Stereo Set

Beyerdynamic MC 930 Stereo-Set is a set that consists of two condenser microphones MC 930 with a cardioid polar pattern, two windshields, two holders and a case. The frequency range of the microphones is 40-20 000 Hz; the signal noise ratio is 71 dB. The microphones are perfectly suitable for recording choir, orchestra, or solo instruments. With the windshield on, they can be used for recording vocals or speech.
High quality
The microphone Beyerdynamic MC 930 has a pre-attenuation of 14 dB. It will produce a high-quality recording even at high sound pressure. The mic is equipped with a switchable frequency filter – you can turn the high-pass filter with Q6 dB per octave and a frequency cutoff of 250 Hz and the proximity effect will be avoided. The microphone requires phantom power of 11-52 V, which will make it usable on concerts and in studios.


  1. A pair of high-quality microphones;
  2. Pre-attenuation mode: 14 dB;
  3. Switching frequency filter;
  4. Cardioid polar pattern.


  1. S/N ratio, dB 71;
  2. Frequency range, Hz 40 – 20000;
  3. Receiving sensitivity – 30 dB;
  4. Condenser microphone;
  5. XLR microphone connection method;
  6. Phantom power.

Additional information:

  1. Purpose: studio, concert;
  2. The direction of the microphone: unidirectional;
  3. Nominal impedance: 180 Ohm;
  4. Sound pressure: 125 dB/140 dB when the attenuator is on;
  5. Functions: LPF (Roll-off) 250 Hz, attenuator-15 dB;
  6. Housing material: metal;
  7. Weight: 115 g.
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Astatic 900

This is a great hanging condenser microphone with good protection against noise. It has a wide, flat frequency response that delivers unrivaled, natural sound quality. Cardioid microphone ASTATIC 900 minimizes the impact of feedback when using the sound-amplifying equipment. The microphone features a flexible gooseneck-type body which is made of plastic. It allows directing the microphone’s head to the right place for dubbing. The microphone is equipped with a 3-pin mini XLR connector and with a phantom power adapter. Also, ASTATIC 900 has a 10-meter cable.

Specifications of ASTATIC 900:

  1. Microphone type: condenser;
  2. Directivity: cardioids;
  3. Frequency range: 150Hz-20kHz;
  4. Resistance: 440 ohms;
  5. Max. SPL: 134dB;
  6. Power: 12-48V.
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Behringer C-2 Studio Condenser Microphones

behringer choir micBehringer C-2 Studio Condenser Microphone is perfect for live performances and studio recordings. Its cardioid pickup pattern is able to eliminate feedback and provide you with the clearest sound possible.


  1. ideal for studio and live applications;
  2. cardioid pickup pattern for effective feedback elimination;
  3. low-mass diaphragm for ultra-wide frequency response and ultimate sound reproduction;
  4. switchable low-frequency roll-off and input attenuation;
  5. ultra-low-noise transformerless FET input eliminates low-frequency distortion;
  6. rigid construction;
  7. 3-pin XLR connector;
  8. the maximum sound pressure level of 136 dB.
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AKG C1000S

This one is a condenser microphone with a selectable cardioid/hyper-cardioid directivity. Applications: studio and “live” recording, vocals. The included directional converter PPC 1000 allows you to change quickly from cardioid to hyper-cardioid. The microphone can be powered by a 9V battery or external power. When you install the turned on microphone, the switch eliminates unwanted noise. The robust design allows you to use it on concert tours; clear sound and low noise make it ideal for work in home conditions or in project studios.


  1. known as the “Swiss Army microphone” for the incredible versatility;
  2. diode battery charge status;
  3. powered by batteries or a 9-V phantom power;
  4. the included adapter PPC 1000 allows you to switch between cardioid and hyper-cardioid directional pattern;
  5. the included adapter PB 1000 Presence Boost Adapter adds brightness treble;
  6. supplied in a metal carrying case «sound tools».


  1. Universal microphone;
  2. Frequency range: 50 Hz – 20k Hz;
  3. The ratio of signal/noise: 74 dB;
  4. The equivalent noise: 20 dB;
  5. The maximum level of sound pressure: at 0.5% distortion, 137 dB SPL;
  6. Sensitivity (1 kHz) 6 mV/Pa;
  7. Output connector: XLR;
  8. Power: 9-52 phantom power according to DIN 45596 or via 9V battery;
  9. Weight: 0.3 kg;
  10. Dimensions: (Ø x length) 34 mm x 220 mm.
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Samson CM12C

Samson CM12CSamson CM12C is a miniature condenser microphone designed for hanging directly above a choir or orchestra. Due to its narrow specialization, it has an inexpensive price.

The microphone has a 10 m cable for suspension and a spring clip for fixing the orientation of the capsule.

This position of the steel bracket places the condenser microphone in the correct position, which allows you to transmit sound in high quality.

Technical specifications:

  1. Miniature hanging choral microphone;
  2. Cardioid pattern;
  3. Frequency range: 50Hz-18kHz;
  4. SPL 136 dB;
  5. Mini XLR connector;
  6. Black color;
  7. Steel hanging positioning bracket;
  8. Mini XLR to standard XLR adapter;
  9. Multilevel wind protection;
  10. Phantom power 9-52 Volts.
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Audio-Technica PRO 45

Audio-Technica PRO 45Audio-Technica PRO 45 is a high-quality suspended condenser microphone with a wide frequency range and cardioid focus. A feature of this microphone is the built-in cable with an XLRM connector, designed to connect to a mixer/amplifier.

The cable length is 7.6 m, and therefore the microphone will be very convenient for suspension over a concert or theater stage.

Features of PRO 45:

  1. Superior performance due to the light diaphragm capacitor element used in the design.
  2. Autonomous electronics allowing the use of a microphone without additional power supplies.
  3. Smooth frequency response.
  4. For operation, the microphone needs a phantom power of 9-52 V.
  5. Miniature dimensions and weight.
  6. A long cord for suspension of the microphone over the stage (7.6 m).