6 Best microphone stands for podium

As you know, the microphone is the main tool for a professional performer. At the same time, the convenience of its operation is able to provide a microphone stand, which simultaneously plays the role of a functional stand and a holder.
The microphone stand is a functional device that allows you to fix the microphone at a certain level, adjust its position according to the slope and height. Thanks to the constructions of this assignment, the soloist releases his hands. It becomes irreplaceable when it is necessary to perform parts on musical instruments, in particular, playing the guitar. In addition, the microphone stand is able to provide “sound reinforcement” of the drum set, other equipment.
So, let’s look at the best microphone stands for podium.

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But before just a photo of how not to use a microphone stand:

how not to use microphone stand

Quik Lok A-341BKAM

The low microphone stand QUIK LOK A341 BKAM is represented by the advanced manufacturer of accessories and accessories for musical equipment, the company QUIK LOK (Italy). The low microphone stand-crane on the tripod base is a practical and convenient design for the installation of stage and instrument microphones for sounding instruments or combo amplifiers. The stand can be used in a recording studio. The stand has a folding structure with an additional boom (shoulder) whose length varies from 560 mm up to 1020 mm. The boom is mounted on a tripod stand-tripod with adjustable height. The height of the microphone stand can vary from 420 mm up to 490 mm. Depending on the requirements of musicians and performers.


  1. Stand for installation of instrumental microphones for dubbing guitar combos, instruments or drums.
  2. The classic design-crane stand of an “overhead” type with adjustable height and length swivel boom.
  3. The height of the rack can be adjusted from 420 mm up to 490 mm.
  4. Professional style and design of the rack from the advanced manufacturer of accessories and accessories for music equipment, the company QUIK LOK (Italy).
  5. Full compatibility and the ability to use a variety of types of microphone holders (3/8 inch thread).
  6. Adjustable angle of the boom with a strong lock of the selected position.
  7. Tripod support base for stable installation on any surface.
  8. Several height-fixing posts and an inclined boom in the form of clamping and locking screws. Additional locking latch (optional on some models).
  9. The stand has a nice, elegant design, strict black color and light weight (no more than 1.4 kg.).
  10. The practical telescopic design of the microphone stand with precise height adjustment, tripod support system, and adjustable turn and tilt of the boom.
  11. The metal parts of the rack are made of a durable, lightweight metal alloy using aluminum.
  12. All plastic parts of the rack are made of a special high-molecular-weight polycarbonate alloy.

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Samson MK-10

Samson MK10 – is a microphone stand of a “crane” type complete with a microphone holder.
The stand for the microphone on the tripod Samson MK10 is made of steel, which ensures the ease of construction and, at the same time, its strength. The stand is folded for easy storage.

  1. Stand.
  2. Type: microphone.
  3. Light weight is ideal for travel.
  4. Sturdy steel construction.
  5. Height adjustment.
  6. Rubber feet for increased stability.
  7. Includes clip for a microphone.
  8. Black color.

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On Stage MS7201B

On-Stage Stands MS7201B is one of the most popular microphone stands in the world, being the standard in this segment. Its simple classic design with adjustable height (84 – 152 cm) is enhanced by several features.

Strong and reliable, however, a lightweight 25 cm diameter cast base makes the MS7201B extremely convenient for transportation. In addition, the lower side of the base is covered with rubber, which prevents sliding and protects from vibrations.

The stand MS7201B is equipped with a cast zinc connector in the middle and a top threaded fastener 5/8 “- 27.
Microphone stand On-Stage Stands MS7201B:

  1. Height: 152 cm.
  2. Base diameter: 25 cm.
  3. Black color.

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This model is a universal microphone stand with 5/8-inch adapter and thread, which guarantee full compatibility. The design is light, but at the same time, sturdy, which provides convenience in work and while carrying.
The round metal base-base, to which the black glossy counter is firmly attached, guarantees high stability.
The extendable boom is easily adjustable. The package includes a holder for the microphone and hinges. The height adjustment ranges from 27.5 inches to 51 inches. The weight of the construction is 9.5 pounds.

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K&M Mic stand

The microphone stand-crane on the tripod K&M is represented by one of the leading manufacturers of accessories for professional musical equipment – K&M (Germany). Accessories and speaker stands from K&M are well-known and popular all over the world. The microphone stand is a practical and convenient stand for a stage and vocal microphones, which can be safely used in the recording studio.
The stand has a folding structure with an additional boom (shoulder), the length of which is 680 mm. The boom is fixed to a tripod-stand with adjustable height. The height of the microphone stand can vary from 890 mm up to 1600 mm, depending on the requirements. The angle of the boom is easily adjusted and fixed with a special clamping element.
All components of the fasteners can easily be twisted by hand without the use of additional equipment. All the elements of the stand are easily adjustable by one person. As a solid locking position and length/height retractable parts, strong steel clamping and locking screw mechanisms are used with which you can quickly change the height of the rack and fix its position.
Main characteristics:

  1. Maximum height: 1600 mm.
  2. Minimum height: 890 mm.
  3. Length of boom (“crane”): 680 mm.
  4. Microphone mounting thread 3/8 “.

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Main features:

  1. This stand is not suitable for the use with a Blue Yeti USB microphone.
  2. Made of durable material, it has a convenient adjustable design.
  3. Quickly and easily attached to the table with clamps.
  4. Very compact due to the folding structure.
  5. Suitable for condenser or universal microphones.
  6. Has an elegant appearance, easy to install and operate.
  7. This stand is perfect for radio stations, stages and broadcast studios.
  8. The maximum diameter of the microphone clip is 1.26 “/ 32mm.

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Currently, the choice of a particular microphone stand is limited only by the budget of the buyer. However, whether it is simple desktop or models of exclusive design – all of them must effectively cope with their main task, which consists in the reliable fixing of equipment and damping of all sorts of vibrations.

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