13 Best studio microphones 2022

One of the main instruments in the recording studio is a microphone. If the sound was recorded on a low-quality microphone, then it cannot be corrected even on the most expensive equipment. The main purpose of a studio microphone, as well as of any other – is the transformation the sound signal into an electric. It is necessary that the microphone does it with maximum accuracy.
During audio processing, a skilled operator will be able to remove the disadvantages of sounding voice or instrument and to emphasize dignity. But he cannot do anything with the inaccurate signal, therefore, this rate plays a huge role. Therefore, the choice of the studio microphone should be treated with the special care.

Check our list of really best studio microphones in 2022.

AKG C 214

In the microphone high-class components are employed. They were selected manually, which guarantee the trouble-free and high-quality work in the most difficult conditions for many years.
The use of a new electronic circuit allows to achieve a maximum dynamic range and a flat frequency response. Low noise level and high level of maximum sound pressure allow the dynamic range of 143 dB.
The design eliminates the closure of the capsule membrane with the back electrode even at the highest possible sound pressure. The membrane is gilded only on the outer side, the reverse side, which may come into contact with the rear electrode, is insulated.
Microphone C 214 is equipped with two switches:
1. Sensitivity switch reduces the sensitivity of the microphone by 20 dB when you want to record without distortion especially loud instruments.
2. The vibration or wind may cause distortion in the low frequency range. RF filter can significantly reduce these distortions, reducing the microphone sensitivity at frequencies below 160 Hz by 6 dB per octave. In addition, this function reduces the so-called “proximity effect”, which occurs during a sound source recording from a distance of less than 20 cm.
Power supply: phantom power 12-52 B according to the IEC 61938 standard.
Use only the relevant to standard IEC phantom power, connect the microphone with only high quality cable of connection. This is a necessary condition for a long and reliable device operation.
Weight: 1.50 kg.

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A studio condenser microphone with built-in USB audio interface of cardioid polar pattern, which is a logical continuation of the well-known C-1.
This device allows you to record cleanly and accurately both vocal and acoustic instruments thanks to its cardioid polar pattern, and also to its a large frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz! It is necessary to note that at the input stage there is a modern transformerless FET-circuit, which is recognized by experts to be a low-noise.
On board ofthe Behringer C-1U there is a sewn USB audio interface with features of 16-bit / 48 kHz – the microphone is ideal for recording “directly”! The power is “phantom” and is carried out on the same USB interface. Indication of power takes place by means of LEDs. Signal transmission is carried out using a 3 pin XLR connector, decorated with gold leaf.
The microphone is compact: the diameter is 54mm, and the length 16,9sm. The weight of the entire device – 450 gram.
Package Includes: Microphone Behringer C-1U, reliable and practical case made of aluminum, the adapter on a rotating head, and also a software. It is worth noting that among the programs included in the package, you can find sound editor Audacity and Kristal, which have long earned a reputation in professional circles.
Key features of C-1U:

  1. Professional model with condenser cardioid and a large diaphragm.
  2. Integrated USB audio interface 16-bit / 48 kHz. Phantom power is due via USB.
  3. There is a LED indication of phantom power.
  4. It features high overload parameters (maximum sound pressure of 136 dB), the sound clarity and evenness of amplitude-frequency characteristics.
  5. The input stage is built on a low-noise transformerless circuit FET.
  6. Casting housing and robust construction.
  7. The kit includes a USB connector, a microphone stand adapter, software Kristal and Audacity.

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Three directional characteristics – circular, cardioid and “eight” allow to solve professional problems of recording of vocals and acoustic instruments. Pressure gradient converter with protected double membrane from mechanical damage, extremely flat frequency response and ultra-high resolution allow the microphone confidently compete with the models that are in a completely different price category.

To indicate the phantom power the LED package is provided, and a gold-plated 3-pin the XLR-connector provides perfect signal transmission. Supplied with a set of accessories including a robust aluminum case and a rotating adapter.

Specifications of Behringer C-3:

  1. Conversion principle: condenser, 16 mm membrane.
  2. Polar pattern: cardioids/eight/circle.
  3. Connections: balanced XLR connector with gold-plated.
  4. The gain at idle: -40 dBV Pa (10 mV pz).
  5. Frequency response: 40 Hz 18 kHz.
  6. The maximum level of sound pressure 0,5% 1 kHz): 142 dB.
  7. Equivalent level of sound pressure: 23 dBA (IEC 651).
  8. Dynamic range: 119 dB.
  9. Nominal impedance: 350 W.
  10. Power supply: 48V.
  11. Weight: about 0.45 kg.

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AKG C3000

This model has a high-quality sound of AKG microphones with a large diameter of a membrane and and it is manufactured using the latest achievements of science and technology. Application areas – the domestic recording studio, the regional radio and television studios, sound concert performances.

It has a smooth, clean and open sound, with a slight resonance in the midrange for better legibility. Directly on the housing there is an elastic suspension InterSpider for a quick installation in the studio environment. This microphone has a number of improvements: the body and the capsule suspension are made of new, lighter materials, the attenuator is mounted directly in front of the circuit preamp.
Advantages of C3000:

  1. It withstands high SPL and provides low levels of sound distortion.
  2. Supported by sound pressure attenuation up to 150 dB by using a switchable attenuator.
  3. Internal windscreen effectively prevents pop-effect and airflow.
  4. Switchable low-pass filter at 500 Hz and 6 dB / octave helps to remove the proximity effect.
  5. The manufacturer is constantly testing the quality and characteristics of the microphone.
  6. When manufacturing C3000, the latest developments and international experts of AKG technology are used.

Technical parameters of the microphone:

  1. Cardioid directivity type.
  2. The frequencies is 20-20 000 Hz.
  3. At -32 dBV sensitivity is 25 mV / Pa.
  4. Maximum distortion of sound pressure is 140 and 150 dB SPL.
  5. The signal to noise ratio of 80 dB (A).
  6. The equivalent noise value is 14 dB (A).
  7. Impedance is 200.
  8. Switching reduction of sound signal by -10 dB.
  9. Low pass filter 500 Hz and 6 dB / octave.

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MXL 770

MXL 770 is a studio microphone manufactured with using the most modern technology and the highest quality materials. With its low cost, this microphone has professional features. This microphone has a six micron “golden” aperture of 20 mm, and offers the user the phantom power and a great dynamic range.
Further, it should be noted that such a microphone would be a good tool for not only digital, but also for analog recording.

The main technical characteristics of the microphone:

  • device option: studio condenser microphone is equipped with a large aperture of 20 mm;
  • operating frequency range: from 30Hz to 20 000kGts;
  • a variant of the radiation pattern: cardioid;
  • the degree of sensitivity: 15mV / Pa;
  • resistance levels: 150W;
  • noise level: 17dB;
  • device power consumption: 48V phantom power with ± 4V.

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Audio-Technica AT2035

Designed for home or professional studio and live performances. Sound through the microphones AT2035 is exclusively detailed, and extended frequency range in the lower part provides a rich transmission.
Studio condenser microphone AUDIO-TECHNICA AT2035 managed to get a reputation of a high-quality device that is able to play very good sounding drums and acoustic instruments, and just to pass power of guitar offices.
The presented model has a giant diagram, which will provide a very flat and most natural sound with low noise level. Thanks to the presence of a big cardioid diaphragm, AT2035 separates your leading sound from outside noise and sounds.
This microphone stands quite the highest value of the sound pressure (148 dB and 158 dB, 10 dB) and is able to boast a wide dynamic range.
The output of the microphone is presented by XLR-balanced low-impedance connector. AT2035 model is executed in elegant black iron housing, in consequence, the unit is firmly protected from external adverse effects.
Specifications of AT2035:

  1. Cardioid.
  2. Sensitivity -33 dBV.
  3. The frequency response: 20-20000 Hz.
  4. The resistance: 120 ohms.
  5. Maximum SPL: 148 dB, 1 kHz at 1% THD.
  6. Noise level: 20 dB (A).
  7. Power: 48 V, 2 mA.
  8. Connection: XLR 3-pin.
  9. Weight 403 g.

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M-Audio Vocal Studio

This is a studio condenser USB microphone M-AUDIO VOCAL STUDIO, has a low noise level, and versatile and easy connection to your computer or laptop. You just need to connect a microphone to the usb-port of your computer and immediately start recording audio. Microphone M-AUDIO VOCAL STUDIO is a perfect device for singers, rap artists and voice video.

  1. Type: condenser.
  2. Frequency range: 20-20000 Hz.
  3. Directivity: cardioids.
  4. The sampling frequency: 44.1kHz.
  5. Sensivity: -48 dB.
  6. USB connector.
  7. Power LED.
  8. 16mm cardioid capsule.

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Audix CX112B

Studio condenser microphone. Made in a classic design with the use of one-inch gold-plated diaphragm with a cardioid directional characteristic. The smooth frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, attenuation – 10 dB, the filter of lower frequencies and maximum operating level of sound pressure in 145 dB allow to use the CX-112B at articulation of a delicate acoustic instruments in the studio, and “crying” guitar combo on the concert stage.


  1. Vocal microphone (studio work).
  2. Instrumental far-field microphone.
  3. Overhead mic for drums.
  4. Articulation of acoustic guitars, guitar combo, flutes, stringed instruments, pianos.


  1. Type: condenser.
  2. Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz.
  3. Directional characteristic: cardioid.
  4. Impedance: 120 Ohm.
  5. Sensitivity: 18 mV / Pa @ 1 1 kHz.
  6. Dynamic range: 132 dB.
  7. Signal / noise ratio: 79 dB.
  8. Maximum SPL:> 150 dB.
  9. Body material: copper alloy with black finish.
  10. Weight: 450 g.
  11. Selectable decrease of sensitivity: -10 dB, the LPF.

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Samson CL7

CL7 model is a high-quality microphone of studio type at an affordable price for users. In the model CL7 thee is a large (1.1 inches), ultra-thin (three micron) aperture, which reproduces the sound of absolutely any instrument. The design is of the high strength. There is an additional model accessory Samson SP01 Spider Mount (mount-type “spider”).
The main technical characteristics of the model:

  1. Type: condenser microphone.
  2. A variant of the radiation pattern: cardioids.
  3. Playback frequency range: 20-20 000Gts.
  4. Sensitivity: -40dB / Pa.
  5. The nominal impedance: 200Om.
  6. Noise level (equivalent): 17dB.
  7. The highest possible SPL: 147dB.
  8. Specifications power: 48V phantom type.
  9. Device weight: 500g.

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Shure KSM32/SL

Studio condenser microphone with an aluminum top box and a flexible mount.

SHURE KSM32 / SL – is a condenser microphone designed for studio recording and large scale events. This microphone provides clear and natural sound reproduction, even in the most difficult conditions, due to the extended frequency range and cardioid diagram. KSM32 / SL is protected against mechanical, external noise and breath of the singer, thanks to the integrated windshield and a three-level damper.

This model, as well, is perfect for drum sound, wind and acoustic instruments, and combos. Built-in attenuator provides decrease of output level by 15 dB without altering the frequency.

Features of the microphone KSM32 / SL:

  1. Type: condenser
  2. Three-level windscreen.
  3. Built-in damper.
  4. Trim low-pass filter.
  5. Built-in attenuator.
  6. Cardioid.
  7. Attenuation: or 0 – 15 dB.
  8. Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz.
  9. Sensitivity: -36 dBV.
  10. Output impedance: 150 Ohm.
  11. Level of interference reflection: 50 dB.
  12. Current consumption: 4.65 Ma.
  13. S / N ratio: 81 dB.
  14. Phantom power: 48 B.
  15. Connector: XLR.
  16. Weight: 490 g.

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M-Audio is a new studio cardioid condenser microphone for the record of vocals, guitar, piano and large ensembles, as well as for the removal of room acoustics. Novelty is positioned in the lower price range and is based on technology used in microphones Luna and Solaris.

The microphone is equipped with a diaphragm diameter of 1.1 inches with a gold coating. The frequency range of the device: 20 Hz – 18 kHz +/- 1dB. Electronics A class provides an equivalent level of noise at 14 dB (A-weighted) and distortion of 0,5% THD at a sound pressure of 128 dB SPL. The narrow frequency range of Nova makes a good choice for stereo recordings in X-Y configuration, and as a “mid” -microphone for pair M-S. The package includes XLR cable (F) -XLR (M) (3m), soft case of the skin substitute.


  1. Frequency range: 20-18000 Hz.
  2. Sensitivity: 16 mV / Pa.
  3. Sound pressure: 128dB.
  4. Noise level: 14dB.
  5. Output impedance: 200 Ohm.
  6. Recommended load:> 1000 ohms.
  7. Power supply: 48V phantom.
  8. Connection: 3-pin male XLR.

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Rode NT1-A

This studio condenser microphone has a large diaphragm, as well as many benefits which for a very short period of time made it a market leader worldwide.
Characteristics of expensive equipment at budget price.
Many people know that the expensive equipment differs the high quality and great performance for the period. However, if you are using a studio RODE NT1-A, you can get all the best features and save your money. The peculiarity of this studio condenser microphone is that it has a large gold-plated diaphragm. The device has an integrated cardioid directional diagram of sound. The frequency range of the device varies in the range from 20Hz to 20kHz. These figures are very high, and high sensitivity (25mV / Pa) complements them.
Clean sound
The microphone RODE NT1-A is able to transfer the warmth of vote, has an extended dynamic range. For the artist, it will be very important to have clarity and high level of sound pressure. Device noise level is 5dBA, these figures are recognized all over the world to be very low and the device can be safely attributed to the quietest studio microphone.
Record everything
You can use the microphone RODE NT1-A for voice recording, vocal. Perhaps, the use of the device at the studio dubbing of movies and cartoons, as the microphone will perfectly cope with recording of voice-overs. You can create a full sound stage environment.

  1. 20Hz – 20kHz frequency range;
  2. equivalent noise level is 5 dB-A;
  3. active electronics – converter with a double buffer;
  4. output impedance is 100 ohms;
  5. the sound pressure can reach up to 137 dB;
  6. 24-48V phantom power;
  7. lightweight model has a weight of 135g.

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Audio-Technica AT5040

Studio cardioid condenser vocal side-address microphone from a new series of AT50. It is equipped with a sensing element which is made with the use of innovative technologies. Thanks to it, the microphone has a high-quality and accurate transmission of sound, without losing the depth and realism.
The microphone is designed for recording vocals, but can be used when recording acoustic instruments.

It features a unique sensor, with two ultra thin diaphragm in the form of a rectangle. Together they make up an area of 1017.6 mm. Due to such a structure, the realistic sound is passed especially in the low frequency range. More stable orientation of the diaphragm and more stable work with HF. The microphone Audio Technica AT5040 has a very low noise level, flat frequency response.
Another distinguishing feature – is a sensor mount, isolating it from the microphone body. The kit includes a new suspension of AT8480, isolation of the microphone from stand, but does not transmit other unwanted interference.
The microphone is hand-assembled, housing made of aluminum and copper, the coating is chrome .

  1. Studio cardioid condenser microphone with large diaphragm.
  2. Frequency range – 20Hz-20kHz.
  3. Sensitivity – 56.2 mV.
  4. Sound pressure level – 142 dB.
  5. Suspension – AT8480.

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