Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone Review

Have you ever watched Star Wars? Since 1983 the cinema sound quality has moved to a higher level. Thanks to Tomlinson Holman at George Lucas’s company, THX was founded to ensure that the soundtrack for the third Star Wars film, Return of the Jedi, would be accurately reproduced in the best venues.

So, what does THX mean? It is a special quality assurance system that was created as a benchmark for different musical products and one of them is Blue Yeti mic with USB connection. If you “google” these three letters “T” “H” “X” the first links will particularly be about this model. So, it has become the first (and we think, the best) THX-certificated microphone in the world. In addition, it is one of the best USB microphones with no driver installation demand.

How does Blue Yeti mic look? It would be surprisingly ridiculous but personally, for me, it looks like something that reminds me of a minion:)The differences are that there are no eyes or lips on his head but 3 capsules inside and you can press the buttons on its body. And yeah, the body is not yellow at all. It is stylish silver. And what do you think it seems to look like? Write it in comments and we’ll have fun together:)

Blue Yeti USB mic

So, without any jokes, we’ve made an outlook shared into the parts to make your serious search more comfortable and pleasant.

Figures&Technical Characteristics

Yeti Blue USB micYeti USb mic. 1

To talk about figures, Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone has:

16 bit or 48 kHz sampling rate

4 recording patterns

3 capsules inside

2 ports – USB& 3,5mm Jack

0.02 – 20 kHz frequency in stereo mode

4.5mV / Pa (1 kHz) – level of sensitivity

120 dB – the highest sound pressure

0.55 kg -weight

no latency while recording with the headphones

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In addition, you have not to download any drivers for installation – just log it on your computer. It will convert the processing sound right into your computer including PC and Mac.

Here are some instructions about how do not use this microphone:

Blue Yeti mic

Thanks to its quality sound recording, this is also one of the best microphones for podcasting. If you want to get to know about the other models you can read the review 15 Best microphones for podcasting to make your Youtube videos much better, have more followers and get more likes.

Body& Carcass

This mic has an aluminum body and that’s why sometimes it seems to be quite hefty. Blue Yeti has a custom-designed desk stand with the screws holding it. You can rotate around its own axis to regulate the pitch of your voice. On the bottom, you can find 2 connection ports: USB-connection port and 3,5 jack port for headphones. In front of you can see the Mute button with LED – indicator to stop any sounds coming from the outside. It also has volume knob which allows you to adjust the volume of your own voice. Around the back, you will see the pattern selector and the gain control.

It looks professional and the only minus in its vehicle could be that it doesn’t have a pop filter. You can buy it separately.

It’s also can be unnecessary to use it with the desk stand or use it with the another firm’s desk stand which is rather decent.

As it had been told, Yeti has 4 patterns to select from. You can see this picture on the mic’s box after buying. But it would not be extra to remain about it here.

Blue Yeti USB mic patterns on box

Omni-directional pattern means that you can record your voice or other sounds 360 degrees around the mic. This is great for band practice, a chorus, or a multi-person podcast. Just talk or sing all around the room and all these will be in your recording.

Cardioid pattern, which is directional to the front, great for instruments or single-person podcasts. While using it, you just have to talk from one place and the sound will be recorded only from one side.

Bidirectional mode helps you to record different things when 2 different sources of sound are opposite to each other and are recorded on both sides of the microphone. This mode would be nice if used while interviewing or singing duets.
Stereo mode would be great while making bulk sounds and picking up all sounds from the surroundings and you can adjust its volume thanks to gain control button.
To make things clearer, you can just watch this video.


Sound quality

As you can see, we have found some videos with a fabulous sound quality made by bloggers. People with the professionally trained voice had chosen definitely this model and doesn’t this fact tell smth important about Yeti? Yeah, guys, all it remains to do is just to listen and check out;) This would be the best way to improve your sound quality while you do not just wanna talk in skype, making the greatest qualified podcasts or using it on FaceTime but especially while you recording music. Thanks to amplified headphone monitoring, you can listen to what are you talking or singing to without fidelity.

As it had been said, what is special for such type of microphones is the ability to choose from four patterns: Omnidirectional, Cardioid, Stereo, Bidirectional for incredible versatility and superior results in any situation.

Just listen.

Here is the classical desk stand which you usually buy with the mic:

Blue Yeti mic 3

And here is the desk stand that you can use as an alternative which is called RADIUS II Microphone Shock Mount and here is the photo.

Blue Yeti RADIUS II Shock mount

All in all, there are some pros& cons

  • compatibility with all Windows versions – even if you do not think so, all you should do is to plug in the USB-cable and start to use the mic as usual and, of course, with your favorite headphones
  • of course, THX-certification which automatically affirms a high-sound quality
  • a capability to regulate different sounds sources, no crackles, audient noise
  • versatile audio recording
  • High-frequency range
  • zero-latency playback
  • an opportunity to regulate the voice angle and to fit the mic in the another firm’s desk stand
  • the great variety of places where to use the mic
  • no pop filter
    • sometimes the screws cannot hold the mic strongly

So, it’s up to you whether to choose it or not as your lucky bargain. Nowadays shopping has become much easier – just by clicking some buttons. Here is your chance to check it out. Good luck)

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