CAD Audio Touring 7 microphone Kit Review

Are you a beginner percussionist? A professional drummer? Searching for a great hardware for your snares&toms? It’s worth looking through this review and think over buying CAD Audio Touring 7 microphone Kit. So, for the first time, Audio Touring Kit or Drum Mic Touring Pack 7 is something really difficult to understand what does it consist of. Of course, all that we know firsthand is that there are 7 unknown microphones so it’s time to get closer and check them out.

Yeah, guys, I think all of your  were in front of the screen looking like a Dart Weider asking this question about the CAD Audio Drum Touring 7 Kit:

What does the CAD Audio Touring 7 Kit mean?

Ok, do not worry because we have a particular answer.

You’re a percussionist, have drums and really fond of what you do or you are planning to play in the musical group. If it’s about you so then the Audio Touring Kit has many chances to become yours. All microphones are packed in the greatly designed vinyl case for easy carriage and soft transportation that comes free with the kit.

Well, let’s open the vinyl case for easy carriage up and figure out what type of the microphones are there.

First of all, the kit includes types of mics which are for percussionists and includes 4 microphones for toms and snare, the biggest of them – the kick mic, and 2 long silver thin mics for overhead usage. Besides the mics and the stylish case, there are also 4 mounting clips which are in front of the biggest mic on the picture.

Here you can see the whole fabulous kit.

Whole Kit Audio Touring CAD

D12 – the biggest&heaviest

And, let’s start with the biggest D12 dynamic large diaphragm kick drum mic or just D12. It seems quite hefty.  The sound is full and slight just because of the EQ which is tailored to the kick. It gives you an overall vision of the drum just the cool kind of residence and body which is felt by your skin. It also attaches to any stand and has a special compatible mount for it. Thanks to the EQ the sound is better rejected and emphasized so do not worry about the sound quality – it will definitely meet your expectations. Its polar pattern is cardioid and the operating principle is moving coil dynamic. To talk about the figures, it has frequency response 50Hz to 16KHz, sensitivity -66dBV (0.5mV) and impedance 60 ohms.

D12 Kick mic

TSM411 with compatible mounts

The kit has 4 TSM411 Tom mics or just 4 mics for toms and snare which are the same as on this picture. The great advantage of Audio Touring Kit is that you receive mounting clips made exclusively for such types of microphones, as an application and as the present. The clips with rubber enforcement especially for them,  so, you do not need to look for any other mounts and thanks to that it becomes very easy for you to set up the microphone in the right position quickly. The another great feature is that you can use TSM411 microphones for bass, guitar cabinets, and bass cabinets.

To talk about figures, these microphones have a frequency range between 2kHz and 10 kHz, which would possibly mean reduced response in the frequencies specific to lower toms. it is better to use it with snares rather than with toms. Its polar pattern is super cardioid and has sensitivity -56dBV (1.6mV) and impedance 310 ohms.

Mic for toms&snare

Versatile&sturdy GXL 1200

Of course, it is not all. The kit also has 2 GXL 1200 mics for cymbals or overhead use. According to the kit owners, it has very smooth and balanced sound with the airiness. Just imagine yourself playing the guitar something soul-deep reproducing the sound full of the workforce and The great thing and the chip are that the mic can be used not only for drums but for acoustic instruments, too. You can play or record the violin, an acoustic guitar or the mandolin and e.c. In that way, the mic makes it possible to make a versatile audio recording. In addition, these two wonderful mics come with a standard mic clip so you do not need to spend your time and nerves looking around to buy any clips for your GXL 1200. The mics are sturdy enough and made of metal so it wouldn’t be easy to break it down even if you wanted:)

To talk about figures, 48V phantom power is required. Its has externally-biased condenser inside and has a frequency response 30Hz to 20KHz. The GXL 1200 mics are cardioid mics with sensitivity -36dBV (16m) and impedance 100 ohms.

GXL 1200

So, to make things clearer, good guys have already made a video review which will tell you more. Do not hesitate to watch and receive more information about the one of the Premium Drum Microphone Pack.

So, let’s look at the pluses and minuses of the CAD Kit for your drums&snares:

  • high-qualified microphones with a decent price tag
  • rim mounts coming free
  • full-bodied sound and better sound rejection
  • free soft reinforcement case with clips for carrying it on your shoulder wherever you go
  • a heavy-gauge reliable coating
  • XLR cables are included
  • no-frills if this could be called minus whatever

Overall, CAD Audio Touring Kit has much more pluses than minuses. To pay attention to its cost and quality ratio, it has quite pleasant characteristics and surely would be honorable as for the youth musical groups as for the advanced musicians. Each microphone attaches easily and has the full-bodied sound which makes it the most impressive microphones for the nice price tag ever. The die-cast metal coating makes it a reliable friend in your musical world. You’ll probably like it and all that is left to do it’s just booking it on Amazon.

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