CAD M179 Microphone Review

CAD M179 is sort of a modern classic in the year 2017. It still here and shows sales because of great sound with a relatively low noise floor and it still looks cool on that shock mount. For some people, the variable pattern is important as well. 

Features and sound quality

This is a good old side address, external bias condenser mic. Frequency response figures are not really astonishing at 10-20 kHz. But it’s flat which is usually a feature of more expensive equipment. Impedance is of reasonable 200 ohms. The outstanding figures start with -36 dBV (16mV) @ 1Pa sensitivity. Maximum SPL is really high at 143 dB SPL (with pad). Scream into it – M179 can take it. Total harmonic distortion amounts to less than 0.15%. This mic also uses a large 1.1″ dual diaphragm capsule, and this translates into a lower signal to noise ratio. But the records still sound precise and natural. One of the things you want from your mic is for it to give the sound warmth. CAD M179 gives you the warmth. The problem with many mics is the sibilance, and, unfortunately, this is one of the mics you really like only with a pop filter.

Design & Build

Overall, M179 design is good and does not look aging. The cool-looking shockmount totally works, no need to buy a second one. The body and switches are sturdy enough to withstand some abuse. Three switches are visible on the CAD M179 body. The first one is a standard -20 dB control, the second switch controls the high-pass filter helping to eliminate unwanted proximity effect. The third switch is the most interesting – it changes patterns. The pattern switch is actually continuously variable, like some car transmissions. meaning it can stop in an unlimited number of positions. To make things easier the switch has five marks for most common patterns. You are going to play with this feature a lot, I assure you. Three pin male XLR type connector is tough and does not damage the sound quality that comes out of the mic. The XLR naturally feeds the mic with minimum 24-52V phantom power capable of delivering at least 8 mA. The front and rear grills are satin nickel plated, should not get rusty for years to come.

  • Good warm sound quality.
  • Low noise floor.
  • High maximum SPL.
  • Variable pattern with a convenient switch.
  • Shock mount to keep.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Vintage design of a slightly boring type.

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