12 Cheap Microphones For Gaming

When we play video games we mostly shoot and yell. And we need speakers and a microphone, and the microphone should not interfere with the shooting. The best place for a mic is around the face, far enough from hands. So, what a gamer should a get is an affordable gaming overhead headset with a mic sticking out. Here are 12 cheap microphones for gaming that are also not too heavy.

best pick
Turtle Beach Ear Force Z11

Turtle Beach Ear Force Z11

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  • can be used on Mobile Phones, PC or Laptop
  • in-line volume controls
  • high-sensitivity microphone with flexible boom
  • acoustically angled speakers

runner up
HyperX Cloud Stinger

HyperX Cloud Stinger

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  • lightweight headset with 90 degree rotating ear cups
  • hyperx signature memory foam
  • adjustable steel slider
  • intuitive volume control on headset ear cup


budget pick
Kotion Each G9000

Kotion Each G9000

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  • can be used for universal computer
  • one 3.5mm combo headphone/microphone connector
  • skin-friendly leather material
  • exquisite craftsmanship and fashion appearance

Turtle Beach Ear Force Z11

This headset is an excellent start for our list. You get all the regular things required for gaming, like in-line controls and a universally compatible 3.5 mm jack. As the pic shows, the boom is flexible, it does not have to stick out while you are eating, drinking or brushing teeth. 50mm speakers deliver extended bass straight into your ear. For the price, you are getting an extraordinary dynamic range here.

What a gamer specifically needs is the stereo sound that is loud and fun. And amplified stereo sound is what you hear from the Z11.

It’s nit wireless, the cord is about 3-4 feet long.

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HyperX Cloud Stinger

Despite the heavy look HyperX Cloud Stinger is quite light, 275 grams. The speakers are 50 mm size as with the piece above but the sound is better. It sits on gamer’s ears on foam, should feel good for years to play. And, of course, you can change the volume right the headset as well.

There is also an adjustable steel boom. The microphone swivels to mute. Both things are cool.

The USB letters in the name mean that you can only plug it in through USB port.

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Kotion Each G9000

The G9000 fits sweetly on the ears. But the sound quality won’t impress too many people. It certainly does the job. The mic quality is not for singing, strictly for gaming purposes.
The audio controls work great, but the wire ends with a USB and a 3.5mm jack, that’s two jacks where you’d like to have one. They installed the USB only to power the external lights. The link we are adding here is for the version with a detachable mic splitter.

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Kotion Each G2000


Kotion Each G2000 clearly has better durability than the G9000. What I care more about is that it provides better sound quality. The padding is less hardcore, user can play video games for days wearing this. Just what you want, right? The G2000 also has the USB plug to power the toy-ish lights.

The one real disadvantage is that the mic boom makes sounds when folding/unfolding.

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Kotion Each G1000

The most expensive of Kotion Gs, G1000 comes with splitter bundled, finally. The sound quality is just above the G2000 model, the bass is mos def good.

When it comes to design and build, the integrated LEDs are really cool here. The braided cable look capable of surviving your most violent games. The mic boom is actually a flexible wire with this model, and you can bend it any way you want it. Mic sensitivity is -38dB +/- 3dB and the impedance is 2.2kohm.

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Sades A60

This set’s design is irresistible for Harry Potter fans. The word Spellond catches the fans’ eyes, so does multiple glowing pieces all over the set. Once you put it on, you appreciate the stiff but breathable padding that makes the sizable weight pretty bearable. What about audio? Audio is loud and clear.
The A60 features a USB plug. The plug is on the end of a wire and the wire carries the controls. That’s where the cons are. It is hard to use the on-re controls without checking with the symbols and it’s also the part that feels cheap compared to the cool illuminated headset.

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Logitech G430


The G430 shares minor cons, like mediocre build quality and stiff padding with the cheaper G230. Why you should pay extra for this model for the 7.1 surround sound support. That’s because the USB passthrough dongle does some actual work here. Insert it into your PC, and the drivers will get installed automatically. The drivers enable cool customization features.

You are going to appreciate the lightweight design as well. In also features swiveling earpads, both for comfort and transportation.

Folding mic, long convenient wire, and on-wire sound controls are probably not worth mentioning.

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Turtle Beach Recon 50P

This headset looks the softest of the ones on the list and it does deliver long-term comfort. The mic is detachable here. Convenient for quiet, brooding types. 

People don’t buy this one for the superior sound quality because it’s not here. There is a but too much plastic here as well, in fact, it’s all plastic.  

The short wire ends in a single 3.5mm jack, splitter not included. That makes Recon 50P excellent for passthrough on a gaming console controller. Clearly less great for PC.

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Logitech G230

Naturally, Logitech has some notable presense on this list. Besides the low price and availability in any store now it is offering things high-end by Logitech standards. The G230 even offers reasonable sound quality. It uses a 3.5mm jack and an attached mic splitter. Build quality is a bit poor, though.

G230 has almost the same looks as other sets in this line, but the padding is cheap and all the audio controls are put on the wire instead. The wire of considerable length is good when you sit far from your PC. But the long wire also makes using the controller difficult.

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Creative SB Blaze

This set will meet your basic gaming audio needs without really acing any one thing. Audio quality is OK. The headset is alright, just pretty cheaply built, better yet because it’s so light.

The mic fully detaches from the left ear cup instead of just folding up, which can seem odd. This is not the best quality mic, it does not sound distant only when receiver shaves your mouth or lipstick. It includes a non-detachable mic splitter, and easy regular on-wire audio controls.

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This microphone is one the most widely used for recording gaming videos. They are simply great for the price (curently 39 USD). The mic name clearly states that it comes with a USB connector. That also means no XLR connector. The USB connector makes for an extremely easy setup. Just connect the USB to the PC/Laptop. Start recording.

It also comes with a stand bundled. And with the stand, the mic takes up some of the precious space on the desk. But you can adjust the stand easily to any position you want.

Most importantly, the sound quality is great.

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Another bestseller because of sales to gamers is the Behringer C-1. You should get this one instead of the U37 USB if you want XLR connection and slightly better sound quality more or less clear of background noise. With the C-1 you can do professionally sounding commentary and podcasts with interviews of people. Can’t do podcasting with a USB mic.

It also comes with an adjustable stand that allows you to adjust it to your comfort levels for recording.

All these features come at an affordable price of around $50.

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