Top 5 microphones compatible with ps4

Choosing a PS4 microphone isn’t as easy as it seems to be. You have to balance sound quality with ease of use and price. So, we analyzed the market and selected the best microphones compatible with PS4.

CMTECK USB Gaming Microphone

CMTECK USB Gaming MicrophoneCMTECK USB Gaming Microphone is our Best Pick. Despite the price, the microphone offers smooth recording and clear sound quality. Built-in CMTECK CCS2.0 smart chip can effectively block the background noise and eliminate echo.

The model is extremely convenient to use. It is compact and has an adjustable neck. The cable length is 1.5m. Blue LED light will inform you whether it has been connected, is working or is muted. Unique glaring blue LED lights on the base can be turned off by a switch. 

On the whole, the mic is easy to use, no extra drivers is needed.

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KLIM Desktop USB Microphone

This is an elegant device with a much better sound quality than you can expect, which is ideal for gamers.

The microphone has a built-in stand, a mute button, independent volume controls, and an adjustable neck. The stand can even hold your smartphone while you are playing. It may be more of a toy rather than a real microphone but it is still a good choice for beginners.

  • moderate vocal sound quality;
  • easy to use and quick setup;
  • built-in stand;
  • compatible with PC and Mac;
  • built-in volume and mute controls;
  • available in red or blue colors;
  • inexpensive.
  • catches background noise.

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dreamGEAR USB Microphone

The microphone is perfect for playing Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live. All you need to do is connect the microphone to the console and start the game. The mic is characterised by high performance – it transmits your voice perfectly. Also, you can use the mic with other rhythmic console games such as Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. dreamGEAR comes with a 15 foot cable.

  • good quality for a reasonable price;
  • mute and switch functions;
  • excellent transmission of the speaker’s voice.

a lot of sound feedback.

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KetDirect Gaming Mic

This microphone is an excellent tool for games, podcasts recording, and speaking on Skype. The mic has a flexible shape, which means you can place it wherever you want to. And if you no longer need a microphone, you can easily remove it. The stucture includes a convenient clip with volume controls so that it was handy to use them.
the microphone has an excellent noise reduction, which is so essential for a gamer;

  • convenient, flexible design;
  • built-in volume controls;
  • compatible with consoles, computers, laptops, and smartphones.
  • catches feedback.

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ZaxSound Microphone

This inexpensive cardioid microphone has a high sensitivity. The model is great at suppressing unnecessary noise.

The microphone has an excellent design. The body of the mic contains an input for stereo headphones (3.5 mm), TRRS output and USB input. To use this microphone, you don’t need any software.

The microphone produced by ZaxSound company is compatible with computers and tablets, Apple devices and Android devices, game consoles Xbox and PS.

The microphone comes with a 6-foot cable which contributes to providing a clean digital sound. Also, in the package, there is a stand with a tripod for convenient placing.

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