6 Best microphones for computer recordings

You may need a computer microphone for communicating with friends or voice chat partners. As well as for streaming, vlogging or sound recording. In the first case is enough built-in headphones or a separate inexpensive device. The rest requires a more advanced model.

This list contains the best microphones for computer recordings. They have all the necessary parameters for high-quality sound recording and other purposes.

Shure MV51

Shure MV51The MV51 is a professional quality digital USB condenser microphone. It is ideal for recording, podcasting and video conferencing.

The MV51 has a large 1-inch aperture. The large aperture provides a wide dynamic range. This allows you to send high-frequency transparency and low-frequency power.

DSP digital signal processor installed inside the microphone. It allows processing hardware without loading the processor of the mobile device.

The processor offers five presets for sound processing. Speech, vocals, acoustic instruments, loud music, preset with a smooth signal.

Preset selection optimizes alignment and compression settings to match your recording requirements. Refer to the instructions for use and proper installation of the microphone.

It is possible to check the sound of the microphone in headphones to control the sound level and quality. Hardware monitoring is valuable. It allows you to listen to the signal in headphones with zero delays.

It does not send a signal through a recorded device. This is an important function for recording musicians.

The body of the microphone is all metal, cast. The microphone is very heavy and stands firmly on the table. It is controlled by three touch buttons and a slider.

The button with crossed out microphone turns off the microphone. The headphone button allows you to choose whether the slider controls the microphone recording level or headphone volume. To control the slider, slide it from left to right or from right to left.

When connected to a computer, MV51 appears in the operating system as a standard USB device. It does not need drivers.

At the largest microphone sensitivity, the noise level is low, in a quiet room less than -60 dB. This is much better than any computer microphone.

The recording membrane does not blow out. The microphone is equipped with wind protection. For vibration isolation from the surface, there is a rubber coating on the bottom of the case and on the foot.

There is a possibility of a microphone installation on a floor microphone rack.

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Shure Motiv MV5

Shure Motiv MV5The purpose of MV5 is to record voice, speech, vocals as well as musical instruments. This microphone is also suitable for video communication.

This model offers three preset modes for user’s choice. Voice, acoustic instruments and a smooth signal.

Presets settings allow you to select the best perimeter gain, frequency correction, and dynamic range. You can also select the best sound characteristics to meet your recording needs.

The all-metal heavy-duty microphone base gives you stability. Rubber coating prevents sliding on the surface and protects against table bumps.

Screw mounting allows you to choose the right angle for your microphone.

The microphone body is made of ABS plastic, the leg is completely metal. Other features are as good as the more expensive MV51.

There is access to headphones, as well as the mode and mute buttons on the backside. This microphone is fully compatible with PC, Mac, iOS, Android.

The set includes ready-made cables miniUSB-Lightning and miniUSB-USB for connecting iOS and Android.

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Blue Yeti

Blue YetiThe Blue Yeti microphone can be called a real hit in podcasters.

Yeah, it’s expensive enough. But it’s a perfect voice recorder, and its appearance is very elegant. We can’t help but notice the fact that there are several colors of Blue Yeti.

You can buy a microphone painted in white, black or even some metallic colors. The product has a reliable stand.

The device connects to the USB connector. The sound is captured here by three capacitor capsules.

As a result, it is written in the correct stereo mode. The user also has a unique opportunity to change the directivity diagram.

There are three choices: omnidirectional, cardioid and bidirectional diagrams. A powerful DAC is also hidden underneath the microphone body.

It converts the signal for further processing on a computer. There’s also a headphone jack. It allows you to control the sound in real-time.

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Antelope Audio Edge Go

Antelope Audio Edge GoAntelope Audio Edge Go is a USB modeling microphone.

Studio equipment manufacturer Antelope Audio announced the release of modeling USB microphone Go.

It expands the series Edge. The model comes with a set of emulations of popular studio microphones.

They can be used in real-time. Sound simulation in the Edge Series is based on strict measurements of original classic microphones

Antelope Audio Edge Go is a condenser microphone with a large aperture. It has a built-in preamplifier and high-quality FPGA FX ADC.

The model has 3 directional diagrams. Eight, cardioid, omnidirectional. The frequency range is 20 Hz – 20 kHz. To process the signal received on Edge Go, you can choose the frequency response of 11 different models of microphones and use 22 extra effects.

Effects and emulations are controlled from a computer via specially developed software. For easy monitoring, the model also has a headphone output.

Included with the microphone manufacturer includes a desktop stand, pop filter, mount, USB-C/A cable and case.

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Shure PGA27USB

Shure PGA27USBThe Shure PGA27USB microphone is used not only by ordinary PC owners but also by professionals. Not for nothing, it is called a studio microphone.

The device is sold at a very high price, which is due to its excellent characteristics. The device is connected to the computer via USB-connector.

Thus, it is engaged in sound processing itself. The PC comes ready-made material in digital form.

As expected, the microphone is capacitive. It also has a cardioid directivity characteristic. Unnecessary sounds will be almost completely eliminated.

Only your voice will be recorded. Studio microphone Shure PGA27USB has a built-in preamplifier.

This means that not only will the sound be crisp, it will also be loud. An attenuator switch is also included. The manufacturer assures that its creation has a high overload capacity.

Buyers also note that the product has a natural sound transmission. Interestingly, the case has a 1/8″ output for headphones. This can help in monitoring the signal.

Another feature of the product is that it mixes the microphone signal and the audio material. So, it is ideal for multi-track recording.

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Plug&Play Recording Microphone

Plug&Play Recording MicrophoneThe Plug&Play Recording Microphone is a good choice for amateur use.

It is suitable for communication over the network, during calls through applications or games. The design color is black, it is made of durable plastic.

Plug&Play Recording Microphone is dynamic. It is of omnidirectional type, which will be important in this mode of use.

Regardless of your location relative to the microphone, the device will be able to receive voice and send the signal.

A microphone is installed on the table. A special design is used to achieve the largest stability. The sensitivity of this model is 58 dB.

The device can perceive a range of frequencies from 50 to 10000 Hz. The resistance is 2.2 kOhm. This microphone perfectly copes with all tasks and will cover your needs in use.

The connection is made with wire, its length is 2 meters. There will be no inconvenience in further use of the microphone. Flexible leg allows you to adjust it to suit you and comfortably use the device.

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