7 Best microphones for public speaking (updated 2022)

Public speaking is a roaring issue nowadays. We are currently stepping into the era when the personal brand becomes a determination of success and the art of public speaking is able to open you the road to new contracts, followers and simply conquer the people’s hearts.

One of the most famous examples of a good public speaker is Donald Trump. You may love him or hate him,  but you can’t deny that he has a significant superiority when it comes to public speeches. He might have made severe mistakes during his electoral campaign but his skills to sound confident and trustworthy on public lead him to the victory.

In fact, both internal and external factors form a great public speaker. It won’t be probably a surprise if you find out that location, where the action takes place, can always be big trouble itself. The wind may be too strong, the streets can be too deafening, the hall may be too big and many people can sit too far away to hear you clearly.

A good microphone is one of the crucial parts of public speaking. Well, the events can vary and as a consequence, they may require different types of microphones. For example, if for the Halloween party speech in your local school a simple USB computer mic can be enough, then for a racing politician giving one of the final speeches in front of thousands of people a very specific and reliable gear is required.

This article will help you to actually figure out which microphone you should use for your public speech and which mic gives you the most for their price.

Shure BLX288/PG58

The Shure BLX288/PG58 is a wireless radio system. It includes BLX88 dual-channel receiver and two BLX2/PG58 transmitters with dynamic super-cardioid capsules from the famous Beta 58A microphone. The operating frequency range is 662-686 MHz.Shure BLX288/PG58

Dual-channel receiver BLX88 from the Shure BLX288/PG58 set will provide crystal clear sound and advanced auto-tuning. It has simple and efficient functionality with intuitive operation. The internal antenna is controlled by an integrated microprocessor. Quick scanning is available with one button, allowing you to instantly select free frequencies with the best settings. On the housing, there are LED indicators that show signal availability and level overruns. The LCD displays show the operating frequencies of both channels. The receiver has four outputs: two on balanced XLR connectors and two on unbalanced 1/4″ TS Jack. The receiver’s operating range is 91 meters.

Handheld transmitters BLX2/PG58 in the set Shure BLX288/PG58 are wireless. They come with dynamic super-cardioid capsules borrowed from the famous microphone Beta 58A. The super-cardioid directivity pattern provides the largest amplification before feedback occurs. Its uniform pattern provides excellent sound capture in a narrow area. A built-in attenuator can attenuate too loud a -10 dB signal. These microphones are ideal for both live use and recording in the studio. The frequency response is ideal for front-end vocals, while the amplified midrange and low bass will help the performance. The neodymium magnet improves signal/noise performance. Rugged transmitter design with an anti-shock system and hardened steel grille will survive touring and concert use. Transmitters run from two AA batteries to 14 hours each.

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GEARDON Rechargeable Dual Wireless Microphone System

This is the set which included 2 microphones. It is beneficial if you are a party host, for example, and work together with someone, or sometimes make collaborations then an extra mic will never be left out. The time of work of each microphone is 12 hours. Since there are two of them you can always use the second one as a backup plan.

publicmic2The maximum distance here is 250 feet which is also not bad at all. The microphones obviously come together with an audio system and have LED light showing the battery level and all the necessary information on the screen. The design of the whole system looks very exquisite and give this mic additional points. With a microphone like this, you will definitely feel more confident in your public speeches.

The construction of the microphones is metallic which means they can sustain some part of external accidents and it also gives points to their durability. Besides, the system includes a built-in PLL synthesized technology for an even clearer signal.

The frequency response is 30 ~ 20 Khz, the sampling ratio is 48KHz, the RX sensitivity is < -94dBm. The set includes one year warranty. It is easy to set up thanks to the automatic channel searching disturb function. Both mics also have 2 dual-channel selectable UHF frequencies for interference-free operation.

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Rode RodeLink FM Digital Wireless Filmmaker System

This microphone is more suitable for you if you are planning public speeches that require active motion and audience engagement. Have you ever seen the Tony Robins’ show? He’s very active during his performances so he always uses a microphone like this.

publicmic3There is a stereotype that the mics of this type are not so good when it comes to capturing the sound comparing to dynamic microphones. Well, it depends on the specifics of your performances. This particular mic is a wireless system, which includes a transmitter and a camera-mounted receiver. You can use the receiver without the camera as well. Still, such an option is neer extra and you don’t know when you might need it. The main feature of this system is that it comes with a lavalier microphone.

However, for the proper functioning of such a mic, you should be aware of how to fix it on your clothes correctly. This is the professional type of a lavalier microphone which is explained by its price. This item is able to constantly monitor and hop between frequencies to maintain the strongest possible signal level at a range of up to 100 yards.

The transmitter has a display where you can see the battery level. There you can also mute the mic or select the channel. The TX-BELT transmitter can be fitted to a belt or clothing and features a locking thread to ensure the microphone connection is as secure as possible. The receiver is capable to accept the audio signal coming from up to 8 transmitter channels.

The only disadvantage here maybe is that the mic functions not so well near the WiFi transmitters. Make sure they are far or turned off during the time you are using the mic.

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Audio-Technica System 10 ATW-1102

Audio-Technica ATW-1102 is a compact wireless digital vocal radio system. It includes an ATW-R1100 receiver and ATW-T1002 handheld transmitter with dynamic unidirectional microphone capsule. So you don’t need to buy anything extra to use the system directly from the box.

Audio-Technica System 10 ATW-1102 Wireless digital receiver ATW-R1100 from Audio-Technica ATW-1102 kit provides crystal clear sound with parameters of 24 bits/48 kHz. It also provides advanced tuning with auto frequency selection function. Operating in the 2.4 GHz range, the receiver is designed for System 10 series wireless digital systems. It requires no frequency licensing, operating without RF interference around the world. The design of the receiver allows it to be part of a high rack, consisting of several similar receivers.

The recesses on the top prevent the unit from slipping. Two antennas located on the front panel allow the receiver to be diversified and receive clean signals. Even if one of the antennas has an uncertain reception. Also, the front panel has an LCD display for displaying the selected channel number, mating indicator, and peak indicator. The receiver has two outputs: on XLR and 1/4″ TS Jack connectors. The low weight of the unit allows it to be easily transported. Transmitter and receiver mating instructions are located at the bottom of the receiver. The frequencies are automatically selected. Up to 8 channels can be used at the same time. This combination ensures complete freedom from interference and perfect sound clarity.

Wireless handheld transmitter with unidirectional microphone capsule ATW-T1002 in the set Audio-Technica ATW-1102 will also offer two antennas. At the top and bottom for better signal transmission. So it does not matter if you hold the handle on the bottom or top. It also has a seven-segment display for displaying the selected channel number. It uses time, space, and frequency spacing. It uses 4 antennas (two on the transmitter and two on the receiver) to spread the signal across space, maximizing signal integrity. The time spread uses signals that are time-shifted relative to each other. Frequency dispersion uses signals that are transmitted at many frequencies.

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Audio-Technica ATW-2192AI-TH 2000 Series Wireless Headworn Microphone System

A futuristically-looking microphone that is known for its great quality. It is a head microphone so it gives you the freedom of action on the stage as well. However, not only Audio-Technica makes the product like this and you can easily find the closest substitutes in the Amazon.

publicmic5You can choose between two colors – white and black what makes an item more personalized according to your personal taste. Speaking about technical characteristics, the microphone has the omnidirectional polar pattern and it catches the sound quite decently.

The transmitter and the receiver work correctly and shouldn’t cause any problems. The receiver has an LCD screen that shows operating status. The functioning power can be gained through AA batteries. The head mic is extremely convenient in the sense that it captures the sound more efficiently than the lavalier microphones even though it doesn’t always add the cuteness to your appearance on stage. But it is a good way to stay expressive in front of a big audience.

It is easy to shift or accidentally touch a lavalier microphone, which can cause unpleasant sound. In the case with head-worn microphones, such incidents are very rare – you can turn your head however you like and the sound will still be constant and unchanging.

The usage of a head microphone is comfortable both for the big and small audience and this item is perfect in both cases. It has a quite affordable price comparing to the previous ones, clear sound quality and also 10 compatible user-switchable channels in one of two UHF frequency ranges. The frequency range is 487.125-506.500 MHz. The microphone still operates well even at a low battery level.

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Shure GLXD24/B87A-Z2

The Shure GLXD24/B87A-Z2 is a compact wireless vocal radio system. It includes a GLXD4 receiver and a GLXD2/SM58 transmitter with a dynamic cardioid capsule from the SM58 microphone.

The GLXD4 wireless single-channel digital receiver in the GLXD24/B87A-Z2 kit provides crystal clear sound and advanced tuning with LINKFREQ automatic frequency selection. The operation is in the 2.4 GHz range.

Shure GLXD24/B87A-Z2The receiver is designed for GLX-D wireless digital systems. It allows up to four compatible systems to be used under normal conditions and up to 8 systems to be used in perfect conditions. It has a simple, intuitive operation with a large graphical LCD display. It also displays the remaining operating time of the transmitter to within +/- 15 minutes. The receiver is powered by a power adapter but has an extra charging port on the case that is used for a spare lithium-ion transmitter battery. There is also a two-color LED that shows the battery status. The receiver has two outputs: on XLR and 1/4″ TS Jack connectors.

Wireless handheld transmitter Shure GLXD24/B87A-Z2 comes with a dynamic cardioid capsule. The cardioid directional pattern provides good amplification before feedback occurs. Its uniform pattern provides excellent sound capture in a narrow area. This microphone is ideal for live use as well as for recording in the studio. The frequency response is ideal for both foreground vocals, backing vocals, and even karaoke. The neodymium magnet improves signal/noise performance.

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Zoweetek Portable Rechargeable Mini Voice Amplifier with Wired Microphone Headset and Waistband

And another headset coming together with an amplifier which will help you to avoid over tensing your voice. The quality of the sound will be a pleasant surprise for you – clear, crisp, no noise, and no distortion. Again, this is quite an affordable option so more people are able to buy it without the struggle.

The microphone requires a power supply of 10 watts and the working distance is about 10000 square feet which are awesome and allow you to experiment with the scale of performances that you make with this mic. The item itself is compact and lightweight so you can even forget during your speech you actually have a microphone.

publicmic7The placement of this mic can be versatile. You can use the back clip to fix it on your belt or pocket. Or you can also use waistbelt to tie it around your waist or hang it on your neck. It comes together with an 1800 mAh rechargeable lithium battery. Working time is quite impressing – it’s 12 hours which is comparable to one’s professional mics. The microphone can be charged using the USB cable and it means you can charge it basically everywhere. Usually, it takes from 3 to 5 hours to get fully charged.

It also supports Mp3 audio playing and can repeat a single tune, loop all music and switch songs. The 3.5mm AUX audio input is also supported. And don’t worry that you are going to feel uncomfortable wearing this headset – the microphone is adjustable so you can regulate the distance between the mic itself and your mouth.

For such an affordable price the item is made of the really durable and wear-resistant ABS material. It is suitable for different performance situations, including parties, teaching classes, training, concerts, tour guides. public speeches and many more. For example, teachers would definitely find this microphone useful since sometimes they have to speak for 6-8 hours a day which itself is exhausting for the voice and they need also to stay louder than the noisy children. So this one mic with an amplifier would become a real voice saver for them.

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FAQ for buyers of microphones for public speaking

How long does it take for a wireless microphone to recharge? 

It depends on the power range of am item, but most of the cases it’s 5 to 7 hours. Or some of the wireless microphones come with external AA batteries which you replace or recharge according to various parameters.

Which microphone is more comfortable for public speaking: dynamic, lavalier or the headset?

If you are planning a speech where you need to be expressive and theatrical for a big audience then you will need a headset or at least a lavalier microphone. Actually, lavalier microphones are the best for blogging or for small performances in not spacious rooms. Dynamic microphones are the question of taste and comfort, but as a rule, they give more qualitative outcomes – that’s why most singers use them. However, it can be quite difficult to hold it in your hand all the time plus the breath during the public speaking is not so intermittent, so a headset is a good alternative.

What should I do if the microphone lost the signal during my public speech? Should I make a claim for a manufacturer? 

First of all, don’t panic and reboot the microphone and connect to the transmitter one more time. If that doesn’t work, check the settings. If a mic stopped working for no reason and you still have a warranty then you absolutely able to claim a refund.

Can I use power adapters for the microphone which requires a power input that I cannot provide? 

Yes, but try to use a trustworthy one. Otherwise, it is not recommended to risk because thus you can burn down the power supply and even cause a blackout.

How to connect the mics with the receiver?

First, you switch on the reciever then you switch on the mic. They should connect automatically. Pay attention if there are other wireless microphones and if your microphone can be connected to the receiver simultaneously with other microphones.

How do I set a microphone for speaking? 

The scheme of setting up the microphone for speaking is nearly the same as setting it up for vocals. Take into consideration the features of your voice and add necessary frequencies using equalizer. If you are using a budget mic that has no equalizer you can always install software and set up a mic using your laptop or PC. One difference which can be significant in comparison to singing is that the microphone should be less sensitive in order to avoid plausive sounds.

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