13 Best microphones for YouTube videos 2022

Video bloggers should take care not only of the quality of the picture in their videos on YouTube but also try to convey the soundtrack in all colors. First, it affects the perception of content. Secondly, many viewers can have high-quality acoustics for good audio playback. Different noises, wheezing, distortion of the voice, all this frightens off the audience. Only high-quality equipment can solve this problem.

Which microphone to choose for YouTube videos? This question was asked by every video blogger who is not very versed in technology. A wide variety of offers from different brands makes the buyer lose money. After reading a bunch of reviews and opinions of experts, there are still doubts. Some recommend buying professional equipment, but not everyone has enough money for this.

Do you want to buy a good microphone to work on YouTube? Consider the most popular models in a variety of price categories.

Audio-Technica AT2020

It can be connected to a PC via USB, it is compatible with any models of sound cards. With it, you can record a clear sound. This model is recommended by many YouTube bloggers. The cost is quite high. To buy such a device makes sense if you intend to seriously develop the channel and monetize it.

Audio-Technica AT2020 is a high-quality cardioid condenser microphone. Its movable membrane is created to provide high dynamics and frequency range. The microphone perfectly withstands high degrees of sound pressure and has a linear frequency response, which undoubtedly makes it a universal studio microphone, one of the best in its price segment. The microphone is good at using home and project studios. Sturdy mount for the rack is in the kit. In additives, you can also utilize a windproof and shock absorber.

Specification of Audio-Technica AT2020:

  • condenser, cardioid;
  • sensitivity -37 dB/V;
  • frequency range – 20-20000 Hz;
  • impedance – 100 Ohm;
  • the maximum sound pressure level is 144 dB;
  • dynamic range – 124 dB;
  • phantom power – 48 V.

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Shure PG27-USB

PG27USB – digital condenser microphone with a single one-inch diaphragm, cardioid pattern, and built-in USB interface. The sound is digitized next to the capsule in the 24-bit, 48,000-Hz format, which delivers high-quality audio to the computer and protects it from spurious radio signals and electrical interference.

The microphone’s own noise does not exceed -78 dB, which corresponds to the level of professional studio microphones. The microphone housing has a 3.5 mm TRS connector for headphones, which makes it possible to monitor recorded audio in real time, as well as volume controllers for headphones and for recording. The microphone is powered by USB – 5 volts, while the current consumed does not exceed 500 mA. The LED indicator indicates the level of the signal: the green color ranges from -30 dB to -12 dB, the yellow from -12 dB to 0 dB and the red color indicates that the level is exceeded by 0 dB, which indicates the clipping.

A microphone diaphragm with a diameter of 27 mm is made of Mylar, gold-plated, foil, which avoids the sticking of the capsule even at significant sound pressure levels while maintaining a remarkable sensitivity. Structurally, the capsule is fixed to the anti-vibration suspension and defended by a metal dense mesh, which additionally protects the membrane from air currents and mechanical damages.

The microphone is widespread in the home and semi-professional recording studios for such purposes as voice scoring, podcast recording, video blogging or streaming, and professional recording studios for recording live musical instruments and voices. This model is quite popular for recording videos for YouTube, but because of its price, not many will want to buy this microphone.

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Blue Snowball

Most people who want to record video on YouTube use this microphone. It has several modes of directivity, it has an interesting design. The device is relatively inexpensive. For the novice videobloggers, it is a great option.

Due to the usage of a double capsule in the construction, Snowball has several modes of operation. To select a mode, use the three-position switch on the back of the microphone. The first two modes are vocal and instrumental, with the orientation of the cardioid. The third mode is a combination of the first two, with an omnidirectional characteristic.


  1. Specifically designed capsule.
  2. Plug’n play connects to a Mac or PC, do not require to install drivers.
  3. Regulated tripod and USB cable.
  4. Suitable for both laptop and iPad (in conjunction with Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit).
  5. Add HD audio for recording on Youtube, SoundCloud or Myspace.
  6. Improves the audio quality when used in Skype, Windows Live, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger.
  7. You may record musical instruments, vocals or a musical group.
  8. Suitable for creating podcasts and narration.

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Users always need to give a choice, so we decided to consider several more models of microphones, which are also suitable for video bloggers.


A budget representative of studio microphones, connected via USB. It comes with a special noise suppression program, it is available on the official website of the manufacturer.

The widespread development of podcasting and the growing interest in audio-video blogs have led to the need for high-quality audio products.

C01U Pro perfectly meets all the requirements for creating high-quality audio material. C01U Pro is the dream of any podcast. Thanks to a simple USB connection, to record video on YouTube a minimum of space and equipment will require, and records will always be of the highest quality. C01U Pro will make you noticeable and recognizable in the world of podcasting and online journalism.


  1.  Studio condenser microphone with a large diaphragm with a diameter of 19 mm.
  2.  Connect and start recording. No additional devices are needed!
  3.  Frequency range: 20 Hz – 18000 Hz.
  4. A super-cardioid pattern, perfect for vocals and speech.
  5. The resolution is 16 bits, the frequency is 44.1/48 kHz.
  6. The thickness of the diaphragm: 3 microns.
  7. Sensitivity: -40 dB FS/Pa minimum.
  8. Sensitivity: maximum -4 dB FS/Pa.
  9. Maximum sound pressure SPL: 130 dB.
  10. Connector 3.5 mm jack socket for headphones.
  11. Smooth, flat frequency response.
  12. Powerful large protective grille.

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Rode VideoMic Pro

Compact microphone with good recording quality. This is a professional device with a low-pass filter and input level control.

This is one of the best on-camera microphones for recording video on YouTube, shooting blogs and other videos. This model is very compact, does not require additional batteries, it can record clean and high-quality sound.

For those who are very important to get a clean and rich sound, who wish to manage the degree of recorded sound not only from their camera but also from the microphone itself, then Rode VideoMic Pro will give you such an opportunity. This professional microphone with a low-pass filter and the ability to adjust the incoming signal from -10 dB (for recording high-quality sources, for example live music at a concert or an interview with a person very close to the camera) to +20 dB (which permits you to reduce the preamp level of your photo or a video camera for a cleaner sound), one of the best anti-shock Rycote Lyre platform and built-in wind protection.

  1. Professional quality condenser microphone.
  2. Compact dimensions (length – 150mm).
  3. Super Light (85gram).
  4. Powered by EVOLTOVO battery – more than 70 hours (alkaline).
  5. Built-in vibration protection.
  6. Integrated wind protection.
  7. 3.5mm stereo mini jack connector (dual mono signal).
  8. Two-stage low-pass filter (flat and 80Hz).
  9. Three output level options (-10dB, 0, + 20dB).
  10. Mounting on a pad for camera light (shoe) with 3/8 “thread for fastening to racks.

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 Samson Meteor Mic

Samson Meteor Mic USB Microphone is a practical accessory for recording studio-quality music and voice clips at home. The model belongs to the products of the Samson Technologies line and is a technological development combining high sound quality, affordability, and attractive external characteristics. The device can easily be connected to a computer via a universal USB port, all necessary software will be installed automatically by the operating system. A special “highlight” of the model is a retro style design with a characteristic elongated body and a tripod holder.

The capsule is equipped with functional metal grids, which provide damping of vibrations of incoming sound. Stand in the form of a tripod is omnidirectional stable, which provides maximum comfort during operation. The durable and wear-resistant chromium-plated material additionally gives the microphone shine and elegance.

What is inside?

The internal part of the device contains a condenser mechanism with an impressive diaphragm 25 mm in diameter, the shape of which is represented by a cardioid. Such a diameter and shape allows you to achieve rich sound during recording. The reproducible frequency range is designed for optimal auditory perception in the range from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. High sound characteristics also provide sensitivity with an index of 120 dB. The output produces a CD-quality sound with a sampling rate of 44/48 kHz. The signal in digitized form passes through the USB-device in the representation of 16 bits. For the level of overload, there is an indicator that, if necessary, delivers a light signal.

What are the features?

  1. The design of the Samson Meteor Mic USB microphone is supplied with folding legs, which make it easy to pack and take with you.
  2. To control audio recording online, headphones are connected via a 1/8 inch slot. The audio in the ear pads comes without any time delays.
  3. The device is provided with its own volume control.
  4. The microphone can conveniently be turned off using a separate button.
  5. Metal grids extinguish the vibrations of incoming sound, which eliminates the need to purchase a separate Pop-filter.
  6. The quality of the output sound is optimal for home sound recorders and meets international standards.

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Blue Microphones Spark Digital

Blue Microphones Spark Digital is a condenser-type studio microphone featuring an interesting design, reliable structure, and surprising flexibility in operation. This model can be connected via a standard USB slot. In this case, the device does not demand the download of additional drivers.

High-quality condenser capsule and the most enhanced inner elements allow the model to easily record performance vocal, the sound of musical instruments, drums and other signal sources. The Focus Control feature permits you to radically change the sound of a microphone at the touch of a button. And the presence of special systems for volume control and gain parameters guarantees the user full control over the sound of the microphone. Headphone output allows you to monitor the sound parameters without any delay. Therefore, with the microphone Blue Microphones Spark Digital, you can provide studio sound quality, even playing in your garage.


  • destination – for professional musicians and podcasters, to record vocals;
  • type of microphone – capacitor;
  • cardioid mode.


  • frequency range: 26 Hz – 20 kHz;
  • sound pressure: 84dB;
  • capsules: tree 14mm condenser capsules designed by Blue;
  • bitrate: 24-bit;
  • voltage: 5V 150mA;
  • sampling frequency: 192 kHz.

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The AUDIO-TECHNICA ATR3350 (lapel microphone) is an omnidirectional speakerphone that has received a lot of positive feedback as a device with an excellent price/performance ratio.

This model is an excellent option for accurate and clear voice playback, as well as video shooting when you need minimal microphone visibility. The device is mere to fix to clothing and due to the low profile design is almost imperceptible.

This microphone is often used by sports instructors and commentators, and to record video on YouTube as thanks to 360-degree coverage, it qualitatively removes the sound from any direction.


  • frequency range: 50-18000 Hz;
  • 6-meter cable, at the end with a 3.5 mm mini-plug, which is comparable to most modern cameras;
  • an additional adapter is required to connect to iPhone;
  • convenient clip, batteries, and foam rubber windproof.


  1. Elements: condenser.
  2. Directional pattern: omnidirectional.
  3. Frequency range: 50 – 18000 Hz.
  4. Sensitivity: – 54 dB.
  5. Resistance: 1000 Ohm.
  6. Weight: 6 gr.
  7. Battery type: LR 44.
  8. Built-in: 6 m cable with 3.5 mm stereo jack.
  9. Accessories: clip for tie; battery; foam rubber windshield.

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Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Blue Microphones Yeti is a condenser microphone, which is one of the most enhanced and multifunctional multi-mode USB microphones. It is supplied with three capsules and has four diverse modes of operation, making it a perfect tool for making stunning records right on your home computer. Blue Microphones Yeti is ideal for recording video and music, conferences and Skype communication.

Four recording modes

Blue Microphones Yeti fully complies with the THX (Tomlinson Holman’s eXperiment) standard, due to its reliability, high quality of production and sound. It provides low distortion, high accuracy, and balanced sound. The microphone has an innovational triple capsule, which is a unique development of the Blue Microphones company, which affords you to record audio in the following modes: stereo, cardioid, omnidirectional or bi-directional (eight).

High-quality ADC

Blue Microphones Yeti is staffed with a high-quality analog-to-digital converter (ADC) for processing and subsequent transmission of a high-quality digital signal directly to a PC. The microphone is equipped with an amplifier for stereo headphones for monitoring with zero delay time. The amplifier includes a microphone gain and volume control, a “mute” sound and a directional switch. Blue Microphones Yeti does not demand a driver for installation, just connect the microphone via a USB port to a Mac or PC.


  1. Three capsule design.
  2. High-quality ADC.
  3. Controlling the amount of amplification.
  4. Frequency range: 20-20000 Hz.
  5. Four recording modes.
  6. Headphone jack with zero delay.
  7. Headphone volume control.
  8. Volume down button.
  9. Adjustable microphone base.

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Apogee MiC 96k

If you are shooting an interview, podcast, speech, video or music in studio conditions and at home, if you need a really great sound quality, then Apogee MiC is what you need. A compact, condenser microphone of studio quality does not require additional power.

MiC 96K from Apogee will help solve the problem of recording studio quality using iOS/Mac devices. The microphone can be successfully used to remove the sound of vocals, pianos, acoustic guitars, drums, etc. By converting an analog signal into a digital signal with a sampling frequency of 24-bit/96 kHz, this USB microphone contributes to the warmth and naturalness of the sound, which is the hallmark of studio audio.

Condenser MiC 96k combines a microphone, microphone preamplifier and A/C converter in a compact and rugged metal casing. The cardioid pattern of the capsule does not capture sound from the off-axis zone and helps minimize distortion.

The MiC 96k USB microphone is easy to use and does not require any additional devices or interfaces to work with, you just connect it to your Mac, iPad or iPhone, and you can record. You will most certainly like the simple adjustment of the volume level and the possibility of visual monitoring of the presence of a signal.

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Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio Pack

The Red 2 and Red 3 plug-ins are the exact models of the classic Focusrite Red Equalizer and Compressor hardware that will permit you to employ the famous sound on your software. Loved by the producers and engineers for their distinctive precision and diversity, the initial Red 2 and Red 3 are still valued in professional recording studios around the world. Now you have the opportunity to utilize these unique plug-ins on your computer when buying an audio interface.

All you require to record a legendary sound from Focusrite is on your Mac or PC. Compact USB audio interface with world-famous microphone preamplifier and crystal clear instrument input, condenser microphone, professional closed-type headphones and a three-meter microphone cable.

Scarlett Solo Studio Pack is a set of compact metal USB audio interface, condenser microphone with a large diaphragm CM25, professional headphones closed type HP60 and a three-meter microphone cable. The kit also contains all the software and sounds that will assist you to get started immediately.

Just plug the microphone directly into the DI/line input and start recording. An outstanding preamplifier will capture stunning speech, while audio converters will turn your performance into a studio level of quality digital audio.

Compact, in a metal case, Scarlett Solo is able to record high-level sound. The signal strength indicators remain green when the signal is within normal limits and turns red when the level is too loud. Also, you are able to track what you record without delay.

Key features of Scarlett Solo Studio Pack:

  1. USB audio interface, condenser microphone with a large diaphragm CM25, professional headphones closed type HP60 and a three-meter microphone cable.
  2. Focusrite with phantom power will give you an open and detailed sound. You can join your guitar or bass XLR mic input is equipped with a phantom power of 48 volts for the possibility of connecting condenser microphones
  3. The ability to create records in the resolution of 24-bit/96kHz, USB and Device Link ports will allow you to connect iOS devices and your PC at the same time

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Rode NT1-A

Condenser microphone with external polarization RODE NT1-A MIC offers you an incredibly wide range of supported frequencies, excellent build quality and amazing quality of transmitted sound at more than a pleasant price! The device is just great for a studio recording.

The microphone covers the frequency range of 20-20000 kHz. Thus, it perfectly conveys all the features of the voice sound, timbre nuances and subtle subtlety of performance. You will enjoy a warm, rich audio, and wide dynamics.

During the assembly of the microphone, the latest developments in the field of electronics were used. The instrument reliably protects sound from peripheral noises. A cardioid pattern with external polarization provides an incredibly clean and readable sound. The sound is free from vibrations and electromagnetic interference, thanks to a large capsule with a gold-plated membrane. The microphone boasts a very low noise level and a transformerless circuit.

The engineers tried to make the microphone as easy to use as possible. The metal housing, covered with a matte nickel coating, reliably protects the internal electronics of the device and also provides additional protection against vibrations and mechanical noise. The microphone cap is under a shockproof internal mount, so do not worry about its safety in case of a microphone fall.

The microphone package includes very useful accessories: a spider holder (reliably protects the microphone from vibrations of the chassis of the device), a pop filter that prevents deformation of sound by mechanical interference and explosive noises, and an XLR-XLR cable that permits you to link the microphone to any professional equipment.

At an affordable price, you get a stunning microphone for studio and homework.

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Razer Seiren Pro

Razer Seiren Pro is a state-of-the-art digital microphone that can easily be connected via XLR and USB connectors. The device provides the highest quality recording, comparable in level with the capabilities of a professional recording studio.

The device is equipped with a special aluminum stand, which is securely attached to the microphone and firmly holds it in an upright position. You may employ Razer Seirēn Pro both at home and at a recording studio without any inconvenience. In addition, the device is ideal for conducting online broadcasts and recording music and video. Providing unsurpassed quality of the sound recording, the microphone will pleasantly surprise with crystal clear sound of even the most fanciful music lovers. The device is specially designed for multi-purpose use, with it, you can conduct online broadcasts, record music and video, participate in business Skype-conferences and, of course, spend time together with friends for your favorite game.

Recording studio in your home!

This model of the microphone is equipped with three 14-millimeter capacitor capsules, which allow using 4 different configurations of recording settings. The device is perfect for beginners and experienced users because here it’s all about the excellent quality of recording on CD and on the Internet, which reaches 192 kHz/24-bit. That’s why you can be completely sure that your viewers will appreciate the purest sound when watching your stream or listening to tracks recorded using Razer Seirēn Pro.

4 main operating modes of the microphone

The device differs multifunctionality and the ability to perform a large number of different tasks. That is why, Razer Seirēn Pro has in its arsenal 4 different modes of operation, which radically differ from each other sound settings. To switch between them, you only need to turn the special toggle switch on the microphone once. For instance, the cardioid mode – great for streaming, podcasting, offscreen commentary, and music/video recording.

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Each video blogger who wants to succeed, just have to buy a microphone to record a video on YouTube. Do not consider it an extra expense, it’s contributions to your work, the quality of content depends on popularity. In this article we have collected the best microphones for YouTube vlogging, you just have to determine the price. In any case, you will certainly notice the difference in comparison with the built-in microphones in the cameras or PC. Do not rape your fans’ ears, spend once on high-quality equipment.

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