15 Best microphones to comment youtube videos

A professional video blogger can not only shoot video, and process it so that the audience were satisfied. Just a few seconds of music, well inserted in the video, good quality of comment to the video can transform ordinary video blogger in a popular “meter”.

Therefore, when commenting on a video on Youtube the type of a microphone you have selected has a great importance. Let’s analyze what microphones are suitable for dubbing video and examine their characteristics.

Shure PG27

The microphone has a large diaphragm, which allows to withstand without distortion the high levels of sound pressure, for example, when dubbing guitar combo or loud sound sources.

It can be easily connected to a PC via USB-port. The design of this cardioid condenser microphone provides features such as ear monitoring low-latency and monitor mix control that allows the player to hear the recording with headphones and make any necessary adjustments on the fly.

In this case, SHURE PG27 copes with the tasks, where the transformation of sound tones is important, for example, when working with vocals. Capsules with large diaphragm provides sound which is pleasant to the ear, with a wide dynamic range, clear “top” and dense “bottom”. A flat frequency response of SHURE PG27 provides natural sound.


  1. Type – a USB cardioid condenser microphone with large diaphragm.
  2. Frequency range – 20Hz – 20kHz.
  3. Max SPL – 154dB.
  4. Weight – 1.30 kg.

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Shure MV5

Shure MV5 works with Android and iOS-gadgets, PC and Mac. The creators of the new model emphasize its ample opportunities for recording music, vocals, podcasts, participate in video conferences and video chats.

The main parameters of Shure:

  • the greatest resolution of the recorded sound, bits / 24/48 kHz;
  • 16 millimeter capsule to guarantee superior sound quality;
  • a choice of 3 modes DSP: Voice, Instrument and Flat;
  • output to headphones for monitoring in real time;
  • powered from the connected device via a USB connector or Lightning;
  • the presence of a removable table stand;
  • decoration in retro style;
  • small size;
  • a choice of two colors;
  • USB cable length of 1 m;
  • Lightning cable length of 1 m.

Technical specifications:

  1. Frequency range: 20 – 20,000 Hz.
  2. Directivity: cardioids.
  3. Gain adjustment range: 0 – 36 dB.
  4. Sensitivity: -40 dBFS / Pa (at 1 kHz).
  5. Max. level of sound pressure: 130 dB.
  6. Weight: 90 g without stand, 160 g with stand.

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Blue Snowball

A microphone plugged via USB condenser with cardioid polar pattern Snowball iCE from Blue Microphones company is designed for a wide range of applications. Connect a microphone to your PC or laptop for use at home, in the office – anywhere – and get an unprecedented sound quality. The microphone is also able to work with the Apple iPad using the adapter Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit.
The crystal clarity of sound is provided with a condenser capsule with cardroid oriented – communication and audio recording in the non-professional terms on a professional level! Recording of vocals and musical instruments, record podcasts and broadcasts, creation of soundtracks – a desktop microphone Snowball iCE will cope with any task.
Connect a microphone to a computer running Windows or MacOS and start working – the microphone is ready to operate without drivers. Convenient stand in the form of an adjustable tripod provides stability, 1.8 m long cable offers sufficient freedom of location.


  1. Frequency range – 40-20 000 Hz.
  2. Impedance – 32 ohm.
  3. Sensitivity – 120 dB.
  4. Sampling rate – 44.1 kHz.
  5. Data transfer rate: 16 bits.
  6. There is a mini-jack connector for headphones.

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IK Multimedia iRig Mic Studio

The device is made very compact and can be used with PC or Mac computers, as well as on your mobile gadgets based on Android or iOS . If you are using Android-devices only the fifth version of a Samsung Professional Audiois supported. Portable digital microphone is a great asset to musicians, announcers, broadcasters and for all those who want to get high-quality sound.

IK Multimedia iRig Mic Studio in its design has the latest preamplifier with minimal level of noise, 24-bit analog-to-digital converter and an inch condenser capsule, equipped with an electret on the back plate (Back Electret). The microphone remains to be operational even at very high sound pressure and respectively records a loud sound qualitatively.

The device has on its body the gain control, and the LED-indicator showing the state and signal strength on the color display. The microphone is equipped with a minijack socket for headphones with its volume control.

Technical characteristics of the microphone:

  1. Microphone type – condenser with electrets.
  2. The size of the capsule, 1 inch.
  3. Cardioid pattern type.
  4. Frequency range, Hz 20 … 20000 (-3 dB).
  5. Gain range of 40 dB.
  6. The highest level of sound pressure , dB 133.
  7. Sensitivity -42 ± 3 dB (1 kHz).
  8. Indicators of recording quality bit / 24 kHz / 44.1 or 24/48.
  9. The size of the cables, 1.5 m.
  10. Weight 0, 218.

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Audio-Technica AT2020USB+

If you want to make an acoustic record of a sound source using your own computer software the microphone Audio-technica AT2020USB + is required. This studio model has a lightweight diaphragm for provision of extended frequency response and superior dynamics. Thanks to intelligibility, articulation of sound of studio-quality there is the possibility of tapping devices, not only at home but also in open territory, even in broadcasting.

Model Audio-technica AT2020USB + is a cardioid condenser microphone with digital USB-output (requires compatible with MAC, Windows). When using, improved insulation of the main signal and the complete cutting off outside noise are guaranteed. The device meets the high standards – it embodies high technology and excellent design.

Main characteristics:

  1. Condenser microphone.
  2. Directionality – cardioid
  3. Scope – broadcasting, vocal.
  4. Sensitivity – 37 dB.
  5. Type of connection – wire.
  6. Cable length – 3.1 m.

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C-1U – modification of the proven microphone of Behringer company. C-1U differs a wide frequency range, including all voice frequencies, almost strictly a one-way cardioid polar pattern, and a high degree of linearity of the frequency response. As for the compatibility with the equipment, the C-1U works perfectly with any PC like Windows and Mac OS, without the need for special adapters or driver installation; everything you need to get started fast, is included in a set of C-1U.

Main characteristics

Sound reading system of C-1U is based on the conversion of the pressure gradient. The diaphragm used for collecting acoustic oscillation has a diameter of 16 mm; it allows you to record sound in the range of 40-20000 Hz, which is sufficient for a perfect transmission of the human voice and, as a rule, the musical accompaniment. Cardioid polar pattern eliminates noise reading on the side which is opposite to the main source of the sound, which is particularly valuable in cases when it is impossible to provide a complete soundproofing.

The microphone is connected to the computer via USB type B, working from the supply voltage of 5 V and a current of 50 mA, provided by this connector. The signal is transmitted as 16 bits and 48 kHz, which is sufficient even for a professional activity. The main programs for recording and editing sounds are supplied with the C-1U, more than 150 effects plug-ins are available for free download on the website of the company Behringer. Requirements for hardware are minimal – C-1U is compatible with any modern PC.

Scope and technical details

The microphone has an almost perfectly linear amplitude transfer characteristic. Deviations are only observed at high (over 2000 Hz) frequencies and not more than 5 dB. Maximum SPL for C-1U is 136 dB. Low level of noise is ensured by using the transformerless circuitry of input stage that creates a minimum of noise, almost inaudible.

The housing of the microphone is cast which reliably prevents from mechanical damage; on it there is the power indicator. With the C-1U adapter for a standard microphone stand is supplied . The length of the microphone body – 16.9 cm, weight – 0.53 kg.

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Samson C01U Pro

C01U Pro is the perfect solution for musicians, producers, broadcasters, and is perfect for recording audio for a YouTube video, voice and podcasting.

This device is an innovative type of condenser microphone, which is perfectly suitable for use in a sound studio and at home. The microphone has an outstanding performance record and is able to catch the slightest shades of sounds.
The latest technology from Samson

This invention – is an improved version of the previous model C01U. It absorbed the best of its predecessor and has all the qualities required from the modern microphone for sound recording. Excellent response to commands and outstanding sensitivity make this technique irreplaceable variant for all people who love to record audio in a decent quality.
Stylish design

The model is distinguished by its high-strength housing, having an attractive appearance. Silver color is pleasing to the eye and allows the device to fit perfectly into the interior of any style. The compact design and small dimensions greatly simplify the deployment and transportation of a microphone, so you can operate the device even when you are away from home.

Many innovative features

The diaphragm of the device has a large size, so it is able to capture the finest nuances of sound. The capsule of the device is equipped with a special anti-shock mount type and is located inside the robust housing produced from metal. The device has high strength and resistance to impact. This nuance contributes to minimize the unwanted noise and harmful vibrations.

The device allows you to achieve a natural sound both low and high frequencies at a level that is not worse than in a professional recording studio. To work successfully with the device you will not need to install additional drivers on it. The microphone is powered by the USB bus and can be combined with the iPad, and the iPhone, so you can secure a high-quality audio recording on smartphones.


  • microphone weighs 0,48g;
  • a USB-cable, a special stand – tripod bench type, the holder are included;
  • the device is powered by a USB-cable;
  • the device has a supercardioid directivity.

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AKG Perception 220

This model is a high-quality condenser microphone with a large diaphragm. Due to its features and the supplied accessories it is surprisingly versatile. Perception 220 sounds warm and transparent and meets the strictest quality standards of AKG, based on more than six decades of experience designing of microphones.

Large aperture of 1 inch diameter makes Perception 220 a perfect vocal microphone, and thanks to robust construction it can be used not only in the studio but also on the scene and at home.


  • condenser microphone with large diaphragm;
  • rugged metal housing;
  • switchable attenuator 20 dB;
  • switchable high-pass filter;
  • legendary AKG sound quality.

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Kit MXL DRK Mac – is a fully self-contained condenser microphone with phantom power or battery-powered, which provides unbeatable quality records. With an additional attachment iBoster microphone can be connected to the line input of most computers.

Now on your computer or laptop all records will be of professional quality. Special version for Mac (MXL iBoster included). It is great when recording vocals, instrument, recording podcasts, or to comment youtube videos.

  1. Type: condenser.
  2. Wind protection: removable.
  3. Directivity: cardioids.
  4. Bottom border of frequency range: 30 Hz.
  5. The upper border of frequency range: 20 000 Hz.
  6. Sensitivity: 10 mV / Pa.
  7. Max. level of sound pressure (SPL): 134 dB.
  8. Impedance: 200 Ohm..
  9. Connection: 3-pin XLR
  10. Power: 48V ± 4V (or 9V).
  11. Weight: 907 g.

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The USB-microphone Tiki is best suited for those who like to comment YouTube videos, talk in video chat and make voice recordings.

The company Blue Microphones, known by its high-quality microphones like Snowball and Yeti, introduces its new portable USB microphone of smaller sizes.

Blue Microphones Tiki has quite a small size, but still be able to ensure the suppression of ambient noise, so that you could be clearly heard when you are talking in a fairly lively environment.

To connect to a laptop you do not need any third-party cables. This USB microphone of size of a stick is directly connected to your device and you can immediately start recording your voice or comment videos. There is no need to install additional drivers.

Best USB-microphone is equipped with a patented noise reduction technology and a new microphone can easily identify your own voice and reduce background noise.

The tiny USB microphone has two built-in modes: Speech Mode and Natural Recording Mode. When you activate the first mode, Tiki will automatically reduce background noise to provide a more comfortable voice recording or communicating through VoIP-services. The second mode enables you to record audio of CD-quality (16-bit, 44, 1 kHz at 40 Hz-20 kHz.).

The kit includes a docking station and the USB-cable (if you need a little space between your computer and a microphone).


  1. Audio quality: 16 bit, 44.1 k.
  2. Sensitivity range: 40Hz – 20 kHZ.
  3. Functions of Intelligent Voice Mode and Music Recording Mode.
  4. Compatible with PC and Mac.

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Nady USB-1C

Nady USB-1C is a condenser microphone, which is positioned as a studio, but it will be interesting for people who areinvolved in recording podcasts, videos, sound arrangement, and other speech programs. He copes with vocals and instrumental acoustic parts as well.

The microphone is connected to the PC using the bundled USB cable and is immediately ready for use. Inside it has its own audio interface with high-quality ADCs, 16-bit mode supports 44/48 kHz.

  1. Condenser microphone, diaphragm diameter 19 mm.
  2. Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz.
  3. Polar pattern: cardioids.
  4. Sensitivity of 18 mV / Pa.
  5. Maximum level of sound pressure: 130 Pa.
  6. ADC 16bit 44/48 kHz.
  7. Weight: 435 g.

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Olympus ME-52W

Microphone Olympus ME-52W is a great microphone for video bloggers of YuoTube.
ME-52W microphone has a noise canceling function to ensure maximum pure singing voice even when recording in noisy environments. It connects to the microphone jack, and its position can be easily adjusted. The microphone is equipped with a nozzle, which protects from the wind, extension cable and bracket for mounting on clothing.

  1. Type – dynamic microphone.
  2. Directionality – omnidirectional.
  3. Mounting – clip.
  4. Min. frequency range -100 Hz.
  5. Max. frequency range – 15000 Hz.
  6. Impedance – 2200 ohms.
  7. Sensitivity – 40 dB.

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Blue Snowflake

A USB microphone with a romantic name SnowFlake from Blue Microphones claims to be the first professional portable USB microphone. If you are going to record music or new podcast, USB Microphone Blue Snowflake can help you to record sound with amazing clarity and depth. Miniature USB microphone can be just put on a desk or mounted on the screen of the laptop.

Blue Microphones SnowFlake USB works on both Mac and PC without installing any complicated drivers. For its connectivity only a dedicated port on the computer is needed. Following the instructions you will soon have a high-quality sound. Also, thanks to the USB interface, the microphone is compatible with various platforms and works perfectly with the following systems: Garage Band, Logic 7 and Adobe Premier Elements.

The cable of the microphone can be stored in a special compartment. High-quality converter which have a frequency range from 35 Hz to 20 kHz, is ideal for recording audio samples, video narration, and so on. Blue Microphones SnowFlake USB is ideal for music recording, podcasting, voice recognition software, web conferences.

  1. Professional recording quality.
  2. Compatible with MAC and PC.
  3. USB cable is included.
  4. Patenting capsule and circuit.
  5. Type: Condenser.
  6. Directivity: cardioids.
  7. Frequency response: 35 – 20,000 Hz.
  8. Sampling frequency / bit resolution: 44.1K / 16bit.
  9. Maximum SPL (THD 0.5%): 120 dB SPL.
  10. Output: USB.

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