5 Best microphones to use with iPad

What is the best way to complement your mobile lifestyle, if not a high-end microphone designed to work with mobile tablets and smartphones? A microphone for iPad and iPhone is created specially for people who appreciate the result of their work and time, so you can safely call the designs of the presented models by the new generation technology. The microphone for iPhone and iPad is a portable device of miniature sizes with tremendous sound and build quality. The presence of a high-quality omnidirectional capacitor capsule contributes to crystal clear sound transmission in minute detail. Wind protection and stereo allow you to transmit sound without distortion and unnecessary noise. It is enough to fix the microphone on the device or on the camcorder, turn on the tablet or smartphone, and then start recording in an application that supports the necessary functions.

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best pick
Fifine K669B

Fifine K669B

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  • plug and play Usb recording microphone
  • solid sturdy metal construction 
  • USB-powered 
  • cardioid polar pattern

runner up
Zoom iQ7

Zoom iQ7


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  • compatible with iOS Devices with Lightning Connector 
  • works with free handy recorder app as well as video camera
  • allows 90, 120, and Mid-Side recording


budget pick
Apogee MiC 96k

Apogee MiC 96k


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  • studio quality cardioid condenser microphone
  • designed for vocal and acoustic instrument recording
  • works with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac

Fifine K669B

Fifine K669BThe Fifine K669B Condenser USB Microphone is the perfect price/quality choice among branded USB microphones. No noise and excellent recording quality are the main advantages of this microphone.

USB-adapter allows you to connect the device to the iPhone and iPad for streaming in any convenient place.


  • High sensitivity and anti-noise, easy to record clear sound;
  • Provides powerful signal transmission and stable communication;
  • Easy to adjust the volume;
  • A sturdy metal case and a tripod for attaching are very convenient when you broadcast live on YouTube.

When there is little money, but you want a good microphone for the iPad, you need to pay attention to the Fifine K669B. The recording sound is very clear even without pre-processing by the program. No additional drivers are required, in addition, it’s very stylish.

Get rid of the bulky plastic headset. All-metal housing gives a special feel.

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Zoom iQ7

Zoom iQ7By connecting the Zoom iQ7 to your iOS device, get ready to take your audio recording to a whole new level. This compact device that fits in your pocket is a complete Mid-Side condenser stereo microphone. It is ideal for recording music, as well as for recording audio when shooting movies. With iQ7, you can make professional-quality audio recordings right from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, no matter where you are.

Thanks to the iQ7 rotating mechanism, the left and right stereo channels are correctly oriented regardless of the purpose for which you are recording sound.

Mid-Side is an advanced recording technology that gives you much more control over the stereo field width than others and allows you to make changes anytime after recording.

The iQ7 includes two microphone elements: a directional microphone that captures the signal directly in front of your device (Mid) and a bi-directional microphone that captures audio from two sides (Side).

The three-position switch gives you the choice between a 90-degree position (for focusing on sounds coming from the center) and a 120-degree position (for wider capture, including background noise in the room). The third position is called “M-S”, it allows you to record clear audio and adjust the width of its stereo field after recording using the Handy Recorder app for iOS.

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Apogee MiC 96k

American company Apogee Electronics, which became famous mainly for producing high-quality audio interfaces, using advanced technologies in converting analog signals to digital and vice versa (DAC and ADC), has released a new studio microphone with an integrated analog-to-digital converter that allows users like Apple and Windows connecting the microphone directly to your device. As expected from Apogee, the new microphone promises superb audio quality with 24-bit/96 kHz analog-to-digital conversion, providing crystal-clear sound.

Of course, before converting the analog signal to digital, the signal must be amplified to the operating range. This task is occupied by a preamplifier built into the microphone, which provides up to 40 dB of gain (100 times). With the help of a knob and LED indicator located directly on the metal housing of the microphone, the user can easily set the desired healthy gain level.

MiC 96K has a cardio-shaped characteristic of the orientation of the capsule and therefore, like all other members of this family, suffers from the so-called proximity effect, which, however, with proper use, you can turn to your advantage.
The combination of a microphone, a preamplifier, and an ADC in one case is not a new idea. This allows you to reduce both the financial costs and the amount of equipment needed to solve a particular task, especially this becomes important when it comes to mobility – in combination with an iPad, you can easily record vocals, speech, acoustic instruments and can expect the highest quality from the mic, for which stands the name of Apogee Electronics.

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IK Multimedia iRig Mic Cast

IRIG MIC CAST is the development of IK MULTIMEDIA, which at one time became the ancestor of high-quality microphones for mobile devices and tablets.

This microphone is distinguished by its size among many others. The size of the iRIG MIC CAST will be almost from the matchbox, which allows you to wear it every day.

Despite its small size, this microphone has a very clear and natural sound. Thanks to the on-off switch, you can adjust the sensitivity of the microphone, which will allow you to record sound at a certain distance from the object that emits sound.

Due to the high sensitivity, the recording quality will always be on top, whether it’s a business meeting or a lecture at the university.

What is especially pleasing, a microphone comes with a stand for a device, with which the user can choose the best option for installing a phone or a tablet for sound recording. Plus, the microphone is also equipped with free software, with which you can make sound processing directly on your phone! IRig MIC Cast is adapted to the vast majority of gadgets and applications that process and encode the sound – Skype, Tune Me, the Booth Rap Studio, Voice Pro, and more. In order to start working with the microphone, it is not necessary to install additional software, just connect the iRig Mic Cast to the 1/8 “(3.5 mm) headphone input and start the application.

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Shure MV88

Shure is one of the leading and most popular and well-known microphone manufacturers in the world. A huge number of famous musicians around the world trust the company Shure and use its microphones both in concerts and in studios. And it’s not just that: Shure has always produced consistently high-quality products and has always kept up with the times. And this is perfectly reflected in the microphone MV88. Shure MV88 is a great compact microphone designed specifically for use with iOS devices with a Lightning connector.

It will turn your smartphone or tablet from Apple into a full-fledged portable recording station. Five presets allow you to choose the most appropriate settings for the situation and record both the interview and the performance or rehearsal of a fairly large group with a quality exceeding CD: up to 24 bit/48 kHz! A quality metal case will allow you to be sure of the reliability of the device, and the built-in sound settings, including a compressor, limiter, and five-band equalizer, will make every record of yours as high as possible.

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Microphones for iPad and iPhone are the microphones of professional quality, mobile and handy device. Have you ever dreamed of getting a quality microphone for the iPhone and iPad? The latest technology is ahead of your dreams, bringing you closer to science fiction!