11 Best microphones under 50$

In our time, the microphone of the device that you want a narrow circle of people has become a popular device. It is used in network games, for voice acting of video clips, communication with friends, clients, and colleagues in Skype.

A microphone is needed by many, but from the variety of models presented to the average user, it is difficult to make a choice.

The most important thing is to choose a microphone that will match your needs. How are you going to use the microphone – for performing on stage or for recording instruments? Or for sound recording? Or maybe you need a universal microphone? To date, the market presents microphones of various brands and at a different price range. Let’s talk about microphones, the price of which does not exceed $ 50.

Blue Snowball

If you are looking for a good microphone for a reasonable price, which is excellent and looks unusual, pay attention to the Blue Snowball. The peculiarity of the microphone is that it is capable of lowering the sensitivity level so as to transmit, with minimal loudness, extraneous noise that surrounds you. It should be said right away – the microphone is not very suitable for professional work or for voice scoring but it is quite enough to convey your speech in the game, besides, it received the official quality certificate Discord.

Based on customer feedback, this mic does its job well.


  1. Inexpensive.
  2. Good voice quality.
  3. Received official Discord certificate.
  4. USB connection.

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An assembly of 3 super cardioid dynamic microphones with a switch in the transport case. It has an extremely high output signal that makes your voice more expressive, and the minimum level of distortion that provides crystal clear sound. A slight rise in the critical mid-range adds the “presence effect” to voice, while clear suppression of third-party sounds eliminates feedback problems. Also, the microphone has an on / off switch. Super-strong construction will withstand the toughest tests of concert life. The package includes a shockproof carrying case and adapter for the microphone stand. Recommended for both vocals and instruments


  1. Has a super-cardioid pattern.
  2. XLR connector output, switch.
  3. Practical on/off switch.
  4. Very high output level for clear and accurate voice transmission.
  5. Minimum distortion level, providing crystal clear sound.
  6. A small rise in the critical mid-range gives the voice extra expressiveness.
  7. Effective suppression of third-party signals eliminates feedback problems.
  8. Super strong design, capable of withstanding the toughest tests of concert life.
  9. Shockproof carrying case with foam rubber seal.
  10. Microphone Stand Adapter.

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Antlion Audio Microphone

AntLion ModMic has long become a kind of standard for the gaming industry. For the first time this microphone was performed with the best gaming headset of 2011 Audio-Technica ATH-AD700, since then it is sold every year with a confident circulation and does not lose its popularity. What is its secret? Probably that it is easy to attach to almost any headphones.

But AntLion ModMic has one feature that not everyone can like – it is attached to the headphones with the help of glue. So that you take your favorite headphones, which you listen to and think are excellent, and glue a small attachment to one of their bowls, into which you insert the microphone. If you do not need a microphone, you can disconnect it from the mount, but the mount itself will always be glued to the headphones. Probably, this is not the best way to spoil the headphones case for a few hundred, or even thousands of dollars. But you will get a unique mix: excellent headphones and a good microphone.

If you are ready to stick a microphone to your headphones – AntLion ModMic is a great option, because it very well conveys the voice to your interlocutors.


Connects to any headphones.
Modular design (can be disconnected at any time from the headphones).
There is a microphone mute button.

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Nady SP-5

The universal microphone is ideal for live performances and recording in the studio. The design of the microphone provides the minimal distortion of sound, powerful neodymium magnets allow you to work with high-pressure sound without fear of interference, and the cardioid directivity protects from recording unnecessary noise. Balanced natural sound with warm bass, clear middle, and soft high. The microphone has a durable and reliable casing, has gold-plated connectors and comes with an antishock mount. The mic gives you excellent performance at a very economical price.

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Shure SV200

SHURE SV200 is a dynamic cardioid microphone for vocals and speech. The microphone is equipped with a switch. The microphone is supplied with a cable with XLR-XLR connectors. The vocal dynamic microphone SHURE SV200, produced by Shure (USA), is created for everyday voice and vocals scoring. Also, the microphone is good for use on small concert venues. Shure’s hand-held vocal microphones are known all over the world for their quality and pure sound, which accurately conveys all shades of voice and vocals. The microphone has a cardioid pattern, thanks to which it perfectly removes the sound signal, while effectively suppressing unwanted noise coming from the back of the capsule. All the products of the American company Shure, which is the largest producer of microphones and transmitters, are famous for their quality and extremely low noise threshold.

For the manufacture of inexpensive microphone SV200, capsules, and transmitters, Shure engineers use high-quality and high-tech materials, which guarantees ultimate high quality. The microphone provides a sufficiently high level of the output signal while effectively suppressing the feedback. Frequency characteristics in the range from 50 Hz to 15 kHz provide clear and transparent vocal sound. If you want to buy a dynamic microphone, the SHURE SV200- offers the optimum solution for concert venues and home recording studios.

Features of the microphone:

  1. The built-in mode switch on/off.
  2. Main usage: speech, vocal, announcer.
  3. Built-in damper capsule: effective reduction of the level of mechanical noise.
  4. Integrated wind protection: protection of the sound path from noise, breathing, and wind.

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The high-quality microphone of the capacitor type CM88 manufactured by Nady is designed to work as an overhead microphone and to sound percussion on stage, as well as sound recording in the studio or broadcasting. The cardioid pattern provides maximum isolation of the sound signal. A wide amplitude-frequency response in the range from 50 Hz to 18 kHz provides the fullest transparent quality sound. XLR connectors have gold plated.

The device needs phantom power 9-52 V. It can be installed on the microphone stand with a standard clip. High-quality condenser microphone, designed to sound instruments. It has a cardioid pattern and a wide frequency range, which allows you to record sound with maximum quality. The device has gold-plated connectors, requires phantom power 9-52 V. Nady CM 88 microphone has a wide range of applications: live performances (vocals, instruments), sound recording, and broadcasting.

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Peavey Pvi 2

PVi 2 XLR is a fairly high-quality dynamic vocal microphone from PEAVEY, which is ideal for playing vocals and speech at various events (entertainment or business). It is equipped with a neodymium capsule with a cardioid orientation, has a wide range of reproducible frequencies, natural sound and good sound transmission in the entire frequency range without distortion and loss of quality. Thanks to the cardioid pattern, the sound quality is equally good with the direct and lateral arrangement of the embouchure, as well as good noise suppression, feedback and voice distortion even with active use on the stage (shaking, abrupt movements, etc.).

The microphone cap is securely protected by a special spherical nozzle made of steel wire, under which a number of filters are additionally placed, such as pop filter, respiratory protection, etc. All active components and the microphone control board are hidden in a metal case of elongated tubular shape with small dimensions, well thought-out ergonomics and original design. In addition, there is a convenient two-position ON/OFF switch with silent shutdown technology.

PVi 2  is an excellent microphone for vocals and speech, which has a powerful sound, good noise reduction, and a clear voice transmission even when the distance from the mouth to the microphone is changed. It perfectly combines the price/quality ratio, is universal in usage, easy to operate and will suit both professionals and amateurs.

Key Features:

  • a dynamic microphone for playing vocals and speech;
  • built-in capsule: cardioid orientation, increased sensitivity, good protection against third-party noise;
  • a wide range of reproducible frequencies;
  • continuous sound quality even with changing distance or sound coming from the side;
  • use of advanced tools and technologies for filtering third-party noise (the presence of filters);
  • suppression of feedback and voice distortion;
  • vibration protection for manual operation on stage;
  • protective dome capsule made of steel wire;
  • additional insert for moisture protection;
  • compact balanced metal casing;
  • noiseless 2-position ON/OFF switch;
  • connection using a standard 3-pin XLR connector;
  • the maximum equipment (microphone, rack holder, transport case, 6 m cable for connection – XLR/XLR).

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Shure PGA48-QTR

Professional dynamic microphone from the famous American company SHURE was specially designed for vocal and instrumental use and suitable for both stage use and for use in small clubs or karaoke bars. It is equipped with a number of noise-canceling filters, which serve to ensure an ideal sound transmission in conditions of increased noise. The big advantage of this model is the cardioid pattern, which allows you to shoot an audio signal without unnecessary noise and feedback. The microphone has ideal sound transmission characteristics and a specially designed case with an ergonomic design which allows the device to fit perfectly in the hand. The use of high-quality components has made this model quite reliable, which in turn causes great interest both among professional performers and ordinary users.

Key Features:

  • the microphone is made of high-quality materials using advanced manufacturing technologies;
  • cardioid pattern provides an ideal voice removal without external noises;
  • the wide range of used frequencies 70 Hz – 15 kHz;
  • high sensitivity;
  • protection against distortion and suppression of feedback;
  • protection filter to reduce noise from wind and breathing;
  • vibration protection for active use on stage (manual operation);
  • special moisture-proof insert;
  • a wire lattice to protect the capsule from mechanical damage;
  • durable metal case and good build quality;
  • balanced 3-pin XLR male connector for connection;
  • ON/OFF button with silent switching and locking function;
  • special case, holder and 4.5 m XLR-QTR cable included.

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IK Multimedia iRig Voice

For users who do not imagine their life without music and singing, a microphone model from the well-known Italian company IK multimedia, which professionally develops equipment for music and related software, will be rather interesting. The company’s extensive experience allows it to produce really high-quality products, and the iRig Voice microphone is one of them.
The high-quality recording will provide a powerful functionality of the device, which will allow you to enjoy full reproduction of your own compositions and other sound options. The device features include:

  • сondenser electret microphone;
  • polar sample: unidirectional/cardioid;
  • frequency response: 100 Hz – 15 kHz;
  • maximum sound pressure value: 105 dB;
  • distortion: 3% THD at 105 dB, 1 kHz;
  • integrated windscreen;
  • iOS support and most Android devices.

It is very convenient to connect a microphone to a mobile device, for example, a smartphone through an audio connector, which allows you to connect headphones simultaneously. Own software of EZ-voice has a wide range of settings.

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Boya BY-M1

BOYA BY-M1 is a universal condenser lapel microphone with an omnidirectional diagram. The versatility of the microphone is that it can be used with DSLR and video cameras, as well as audio recorders and even tablets or smartphones.

Also universal and the connection plug is 3.5mm with gold-plated contacts. The adapter includes a 3.5mm-6.3mm adapter. The length of the cord of the microphone BOYA BY-M1 is about 6 meters, which will allow using it in almost any task.

The microphone is equipped with a special unit, in which a removable lithium battery is inserted with the possibility of switching off. The BOYA BY-M1 lapel microphone capsule is fastened with a reliable metal clip so that the microphone can be unnoticeably attached to clothing or interior items.

Compact size, but with this high-quality sound recording with a minimum level of internal noise and a long cord – all this makes it possible to use the BOYA BY-M1 microphone in various situations – from studio shooting to interview shooting or videoblogging.

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C-1 – one of the simplest and economical models of condenser microphones of Behringer. The distinctive characteristics of this microphone are simplicity and reliability. Despite the studio characteristics of sound reading, it can be safely taken with you on tour or on an open-air performance. Thanks to the large diaphragm and the efficient signal conversion system, the device has an almost perfectly linear frequency response, so that sound correction is generally not required at all, especially in situations where the C-1 is used as a vocal microphone.

Basic Characteristics

Behringer C-1 has a reliable wear-resistant diaphragm with a diameter of 1.6 cm. Due to this, the frequency range of perceived sound lies in the range of 40-20,000 Hz, which more than covers the frequency ranges of the human voice and most musical instruments. The microphone is operating from standard phantom power sources with a voltage of + 36-52 V, so connecting the C-1 to any audio system will not be difficult.

On the case of the microphone, there is an LED indicator, indicating the connection to the phantom power supply. In the kit with the microphone, there is a supplied adapter-mount for the rack and a case for safe transportation without the risk of mechanical damage. To connect the microphone to the audio system, use an XLR-plug in a protective “glass”, which prevents damage to the contacts and pulling out the cable. Gold deposition on the contacts provides better signal transmission characteristics, minimizes losses, and eliminates corrosive processes.

Technical nuances

The microphone has a cardioid pattern, the shape of which provides an almost complete absence of sound reading on one side. Thus, the C-1 is perfectly suited for concert activity. The amplitude-frequency characteristic undergoes deviations from the straight line only after 2000 Hz, that is, the entire voice range is located in its linear part. Maximum deviations from the straight line do not exceed 5 dB and have a smooth, easily adjustable form.

The microphone works by the principle of converting the pressure gradient. The transformerless input stage provides virtually no parasitic noises and electronic buzz. The cast metal housing reliably protects against mechanical damage and provides sufficient protection against humidity. The nominal resistance of the microphone is 100 ohms, the maximum sound pressure is 136 dB.

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The world of microphones is rich and diverse. Today, there are a great many microphones of all shapes and sizes. Today to buy a microphone, relying on the solidity and credibility of the brand, is also impossible. Even the coolest manufacturers of microphones actively introduce inexpensive models for mass consumption into their assortment, and companies that recently produced only expensive and only professional solutions today – dilute their assortment with inexpensive microphones for amateur enthusiasts and home studios. So, carefully study the microphones, so as not to get into a slack after buying.

*Prices may vary. Under 50$ on the day the post was published.

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