11 Best microphones for beginners 2022

If this is the first time you are going to buy a microphone, this article will help you perfectly. It does not matter what field of activity you have chosen. It can be a recording of vocals, podcasts or sound.

Anyway, you need a good, but inexpensive microphone to get started. This way you can practice using a microphone and get all the subtleties. This review presents the best microphones for beginners. Choose the most suitable one for you and enjoy the use.

Shure SM57

Shure SM57The Shure SM57 is a unidirectional dynamic microphone. It is designed to record guitars, volumes, working drums and vocals.

It features a pneumatic mechanical damping system to protect your mix from unnecessary noise and vibration.

The body of the microphone is an enameled metal structure with a polycarbonate grille. The directivity diagram of this microphone is cardioid.

SM57 has a sensitivity of -56 dBV/Pa, the low impedance of 310 ohms. You can use the ability to catch sound in the range from 40 to 15 thousand hertz.

On the graph of the reflection of frequencies can be seen that below 200-hertz microphone has a constant low-frequency drop.

The range from 300 to 600 hertz is understated by about 1 dB, which is not critical. The graph seriously picks up around 6 and 9 kHz. This will give the sound the effect of intimacy and transparency.

The name of the X2U adapter refers to the transfer of the signal from XLR to USB, it is powered by the appropriate port. The XLR connector of the microphone adapter is securely locked.

If you look at the X2U controls on top of the microphone, you can see a three-color LED. It indicates that the signal is at normal volume (green), peak (yellow) or overload (red).

Below are the wheels of the VOLUME (output volume) and MONITOR (headphone signal level). There is the phantom power button on the +48V condenser microphone and the blue indicator. Just below is a green USB indicator.

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Shure SM58S

Shure SM58SThe visual solution of the Shure SM58S microphone has long been an imitation for many other manufacturers.

Once found the anatomical shape in a heavy metal case has been preserved to this day.

Now about the technical features of the device. Shure SM58S is a unidirectional cardioid dynamic microphone with a classical frequency range from 50 to 15000 Hz.

Microphones of this type are the most common due to the versatility of their application.

Due to the type of capsule SM58S is poorly exposed to mechanical influences. The directional diagram promises that the entire signal will come from the front surface of the microphone.

The low impedance provides the device with good signal cross-country ability over wires of any length.

Shure SM58S microphone is also famous for its natural sound. It will not greatly embellish your performance skills. SM58S will suit you no matter what your vocal goals are.

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Shure BETA 58A

Shure BETA 58ABETA 58A is one of Shure’s most recognized standards.

It’s not just because of its memorable appearance. Beta 58A is famous as a professional super-cardioid dynamic microphone.

It shows itself well on stage and in studios around the world.

The microphone is equipped with a cast enamel case with a steel wire grating protecting the capsule.

Besides, it is sharpened for manual use thanks to an integrated air cushioning system. Thus, the grip noise level is significantly reduced.

A pop filter is also integrated into the system. It drops to cotton and cod from explosive and hissing consonants at the smallest level.

The super-cardioid directionality provides successful isolation of the main sound from third-party instruments. This is extremely useful in stage work.

Besides, the microphone is a low impedance microphone. This makes it possible to work with any length of switching without fear of sound distortion.

A neodymium magnet is used for the capsule, providing a better signal-to-noise ratio. The sensitivity of the microphone is above average and is 2.8 mV/PA.

The amplitude-frequency response of Beta 58A extends from 50 hertz to 16 kHz. This indicates that the microphone is accurate for human speech and vocals.

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Audio-Technica AT2020

Audio-Technica AT2020Studio condenser microphone Audio-Technica AT2020 has everything you need to get quality sound.

The microphone is presented in a weighted steel case. An external grille to protect the capsule is also a large thickness. The second layer of fine mesh is designed to reduce unwanted sounds.

The microphone itself is a fixed cardioid and has no directional switches.

The frequency response of the microphone is from 20Hz to 20kHz with a small failure of about 70Hz and a very small hump between 5kHz and 15kHz.

The idle speed sensitivity of the microphone is 14.1mV / Pa. This is standard for this type of microphone.

The largest SPL is 144dBSPL at 1 kHz per one percent THD. With this SPL, even extremely loud sounds can be avoided and the microphone can be used anywhere.

When used as a vocal microphone, AT2020 gives a pleasant warmth in the middle ranges. At the same time, the microphone does not lose clarity and completeness of sound.

When recording various acoustic instruments, the Audio-Technica AT2020 shows good and balanced sound. Sound is deep and clear without the clumsy “honkiness” inherent in many microphones.

The Audio-Technica AT2020 is a broad purpose studio condenser microphone. The microphone, with all its modesty, is able to offer excellent sound.

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Sennheiser E835

Sennheiser E835This microphone, which belongs to the Evolution 800 line, is manual and dynamic.

It refers to the basic level of equipment. The microphones in this series are also designed to be suitable for active “live” applications.

The Sennheiser E835 is one of the most available models in the line.

The microphone casing is very designed, with internal damping protection against “manual” noise.

Here you deal with the instrument to work with the main vocal in the performance environment.

The directivity chart is a classic cardioid. This means that the sound is removed from the front mainly and weaker on the sides.

The back of the microphone is not sensitive at all. You don’t have to worry about feedback from floor monitors, for example.

In terms of amplitude response, the E835 reflects the range from 40 hertz to 16 kHz. The sensitivity of this model is 2.7 mV/Pa.

The nominal impedance of the microphone is 350 ohms. This makes it low impedance and allows it to be used in stage conditions with any length of wire.

The Sennheiser E835 is also designed for semi-professional live vocal performance and karaoke. This one will easily find its place in the rehearsal base and will also be useful for creating records.

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Sennheiser E835S

Sennheiser E835SThe Sennheiser E835S is designed to be an actively used available microphone for stage applications.

It is equipped with a mutating scroll, dynamic capsule. It also has a cardioid directivity chart and a slight approximation effect.

This microphone also provides an underlined responsibility for better penetration through the mix.

This microphone is equipped with a shock-absorbing system to protect from manual interaction. The grille above the capsule is also equipped with a windproof screen.

The amplitude-frequency characteristic of the microphone is expressed in the range from 40 hertz to 16 kHz.

Also, the frequency range of the so-called “presence”, namely around 5 kHz is slightly raised. This will allow the vocals to break through the mix to the listener. The sensitivity of the capsule is 2.7 mV/Pa.

The E835S is completely isolated from possible XLR connector feedback. This way, for example, three or more people can sing into a microphone simultaneously.

Since Sennheiser wanted a universal microphone. The nominal impedance of the E835S is low. Its value of 350 ohms allows you to switch the device with wires of any length without fear of loss in quality.

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AKG Perception 120

AKG Perception 120AKG Perception 120 is designed for recording vocals and various musical instruments.

AKG Perception 120 has a 0.66-inch cardioid capsule. It is encased in a soft cardboard braid without stabilizing suspension.

The microphone offers a declared frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz. It has a sensitivity of 22 mV/Pa and the largest sound pressure of 150dB.

The signal-to-noise ratio is 72 dB with the same size as the AKG Perception 420.

This microphone is available in a small aluminum housing. It has switchable filters and an integrated 20 dB attenuator.

AKG Perception 120 will appeal to vocalists and people involved in creating video podcasts and much more.

Thanks to the selected cardioid orientation, you will have high-quality sound.

The microphone is perfect for recording acoustic guitars, percussion and much more.

The AKG Perception 120 studio condenser microphone is the perfect device for a wide range of applications. The quality of its sound makes this model worthy when choosing a microphone for beginners.

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Behringer XM8500

Behringer XM8500XM8500 is one of the most popular cheap dynamic microphones from German company Behringer.

It makes serious competition for other accessible microphones of well-known marks. It is not a bad choice as speech, and also the first microphone for rehearsals and live performances.

The XM8500 covers the standard frequency range for vocal microphones from 50 Hz to 15 kHz.

The microphone impedance is low enough. This makes it easy to connect it to most mixer consoles with any length of wire.

The microphone’s directionality diagram is cardioid. This means that all sound will be captured from the front of the microphone head and a little to the sides.

Manufacturers also included a special shock absorber system in the XM8500. It reduces noise from the microphone’s interaction with the hands. The metal grille that closes the capsule, serves as pop protection.

As a microphone for beginners, this microphone can prove itself quite worthy.

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Shure SV100-A

Shure SV100-AMicrophone SV100-A has excellent characteristics for its price.

Shure SV100-A has a frequency range from 50 Hz to 15 kHz and can withstand pressures up to 94 dB SPL.

The microphone also has an output resistance of 600 ohms. This allows you to connect it even in non-specialized devices.

The Shure SV100-A has a clear sound without excessive noise.

That’s why the Shure SV100-A is perfect for any purpose. Whether it’s for corporate parties, weddings or banquets.

This model is especially popular in home karaoke. This model is equipped with XLR-Jack ¼ cable. You will not have to buy it separately. For added convenience, Shure also comes with an SV100-A storage case and a microphone holder for the stand.

The Shure SV100-A is the perfect microphone for absolutely any purpose. By choosing this model, you are guaranteed to get the highest sound quality and the full range of necessary accessories.

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Shure SV200-W

Shure SV200-ASV200-A cardioid microphone is one of the most affordable models of the world-famous brand Shure.

The microphone kit SV200-W has a zipper case made of leatherette and a microphone holder for the stand.

All this pleasure is packed in an air bubble film and thick cardboard box. It is also equipped with a small instruction manual.

Made of black metal with a planted black protective grille, it looks quite stylish. It also has a power button.

The cardioid type of device assumes that the Shure SV200-W removes the largest sound from the position in front of it. And the smallest or almost no sound from the opposite side.

The output from the microphone is balanced. It should mean less unwanted electrical noise. It also allows the use of any length of connection wire without significant quality loss.

In fact, the SV200-W performs best in speech presentations.

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Shure PGA48-XLR-E

Shure PGA48-XLR-EThe PGA48 is a dynamic cardioid microphone suitable for beginners.

The PGA-48-XLR is supplied with a swivel adapter on the microphone stand. This microphone has a built-in power switch, a small zippered carrying case, and a 4.6-meter XLR-XLR cable.

The design of the Shure PGA48 is classic and reminds the most popular model Shure SM58. The microphone is equipped with a removable metal grille to protect the capsule.

The frequency range reproduced by the PGA48 is not very high. The low-frequency bevel starts at 70 Hz, and the drop in sensitivity at the tops after 15 kHz.

The most pronounced range is from 1.5 kHz to 10 kHz. This provides the most “close” sound to the listener and high sound transparency.

The cardioid directivity chart promises a fairly standard angle of sound removal. Right in front of the microphone and a little on the sides with complete isolation from the back noise.

The dynamic type of microphone capsule gives the microphone greater performance.

The sensitivity of the Shure PGA48, expressed as -53.5 dB/Pa (2.10 mV), is above the average in this type of microphone.

In this model, the impedance is 600 ohms. It is the upper limit for assigning a microphone to low-impedance ones. This way, you can safely use the Shure PGA48 with any length of the cable without fear of losing it in high frequencies.

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