11 Best microphones for gaming 2022

If you spend a lot of time playing computer games there is a good chance that you play at least one multiplayer game. It doesn’t matter if MOBA is a first-person shooter or indie game.

You need a microphone so that you can talk to other players and coordinate your actions.  It doesn’t have to be a professional microphone at all. You can get enough quality from a much cheaper and more practical model.

This overview presents the best microphones for gaming from different price categories.

AmazonBasics USB Gaming Microphone

AmazonBasics USB Gaming MicrophoneAmazonBasics USB Gaming Microphone one of the most convenient microphones for gamers.

Its head is located on a flexible leg. It allows you to adjust its position in relation to the person sitting at the table.

The leg ends with a wide stand complemented by a weighting pad. This allows the microphone to be held confidently on the table. But, it does not take up much space.

The microphone is dynamic, the sound he writes in mono-mode. This instrument will be an excellent assistant in online games. Especially if you do not want to wear headphones for some reason.

You can also use this microphone to talk on video. Conversations will not complain much about the sound.

If you are looking for a good microphone for a reasonable price that looks great and unusual, pay attention to this device.

Its special feature is that it is able to lower the sensitivity level. So that with the minimal volume you broadcast extraneous noise that surrounds you. It is quite enough to send your speech in the game, and also it has an official quality certificate.

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The TONOR USB is the perfect microphone to communicate while playing.

This microphone has a flexible foot. The fact that this model is designed only for laptops. The leg here ends with an L-shaped 3.5 mm “jack”.

It is inserted into the socket, and then all you have to do is to lift the microphone.

This design makes the microphone very small. Theoretically, you can even carry it in your pocket. But it also has certain limitations.

The leg isn’t very long. Because of that, you will sometimes lean over the keyboard to be heard louder. But that’s a purely psychological habit.

In fact, the microphone is good at picking up even the sound source half a meter away.

The sound on the microphone is written in mono mode. Like other similar microphones, TONOR USB is not recommended for serious purposes.

This model is intended for those who have already passed the way from a beginner to an experienced user. And for those, who want to further improve the quality of their material.

This microphone can be used not only for games but also for the sound of videos or even to perform songs.

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KLIM Voice

KLIM VoiceThe KLIM Voice is another microphone for games.

It records sound well despite the distance from a person’s head. So how did the creators do it? Good sensitivity is due to the fact that the microphone belongs to the capacitor type.

It’s the kind of microphone that musicians, singers, and radio hosts use. Only such products have a much larger “head”.

It is even more sensitive to the sounds around it. This accessory does not need the extra power that condenser microphones typically need.

The microphone works on any notebook, no matter what sound card it is equipped with.

Such a tiny design allows you to connect the product not only to a laptop and PC but also to the recorder.

You will hear the increased quality of sound. Because inexpensive voice recorders have only a membrane microphone. In general, this model is suitable for recording podcasts and communication during games.

This model will be an excellent choice for players who need an inexpensive, high-quality and compact microphone. It is able to record the purest possible speech. Without any extraneous noise and interference.

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Razer Seiren X

Razer Seiren XThe microphone Razer Seiren X is used not only by ordinary owners of computers but also by real professionals.

It is called a studio microphone. The device is sold at a very high price, which is due to its excellent characteristics.

The device is connected to the computer via USB-connector. This means that it is processing the sound itself.

The computer is supplied with the finished material in digital form. As expected, the microphone is capacitive.

It also boasts cardioid directionality. Unnecessary sounds will be eliminated almost completely. Only your voice will be recorded.

This microphone has a built-in preamplifier. This means that the sound will not only be clear but also loud. It also includes an attenuator switch.

The manufacturer assures that its creation has a high overload capacity. Buyers also note that the product has a natural sound transmission.

Interestingly, the case has a headphone output. This can help in monitoring the signal. Another feature of the product is that it mixes the microphone signal and the audio material being played. This is ideal for multi-track recording.

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BM-800 from Felyby

BM-800 from FelybyOne of the best USB microphones for games is the BM-800 from Felyby.

From the outside, you can notice that the microphone belongs to professional models. If you want to get quality speech on audio or video, it is worth looking at.

The set includes a professional microphone stand, which has two elbows of 400 mm each. This provides a flexible change of the position.

Also, this feature allows the microphone to be used by several users at one table. By the way, the stand is attached directly to the tabletop.

You can do it with a screw and vice. So the new microphone will not take up useful space on your desktop.

At the other end of the stand, there is a special anti-shock suspension. It dampens the vibrations going on the stand. For example, beats on the countertop or even steps that send vibrations from floor to table.

As for the microphone itself, it is unidirectional and captures the sound source only from the front. It eliminates extraneous noise. Its frequency range is 20 Hz – 20 kHz, which is a very good value to cover the full speech range.

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USB Microphone for Computer 

USB Microphone for Computer Another device for gamers is the USB Microphone for Computer.

The microphone itself is relatively small in size. So it does not look bulky and looks neat on your desktop. Also included is a tripod, the height of which in the decomposed state of about 70 mm.

The microphone is attached to the tripod using a plastic peg. This allows you to quickly take it off at any time and install it back in the same way.

Foam wind protection is included. This will help to cut noise from human breathing or other interferences as much as possible.

The microphone has a frequency range of 30Hz to 20kHz and a sensitivity of -32dB ±2. So the microphone will be a good choice for those who need quality speech recording.

It can be connected to any PC or notebook. The cable has a standard mini-jack plug for audio transmission and a USB plug for power.

You can also connect the microphone directly to a receiver or mixer using the XLR-XLR cable. One of the main differences of this model is the volume and echo controls on the case. Thus, you can easily and quickly adjust the specified values right during recording.

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Blue Yeti USB

Blue Yeti USBThe Blue Yeti USB gaming microphone is one of the simplest and most compact models in this review.

It’s designed with a wide stand that extends upward from the long, thin tube. It can be tilted in either direction and bent across.

It makes the microphone very comfortable to use. Another convenience is undoubtedly the sound switch on the model body.

You can mute the microphone at any time so that he does not hear unnecessary information.

In terms of performance, the model is omnidirectional and picks up sound from either side. This means that your speech can be accompanied by extraneous sounds.

In this case, it is advisable to sit in an absolutely quiet room. Where there are no extra sound sources or where they are switched off. For example, a fan, a watch, an aquarium, and so on.

The frequency range of the microphone is 30 Hz – 16 kHz. This fully covers the range of normal speech and allows the person you are speaking to hear you clearly. It is also worth noting that the model is connected to your computer using a regular mini-jack plug.

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SOONHUAAmong the best computer microphones, you can safely distinguish and model from SOONHUA.

First of all, it should be noted that it looks like a real studio microphone, but costs a lot less. Each model comes with a convenient and compact tripod with a plastic holder.

It will allow you to place the microphone firmly on the table and direct it to the right position. This is possible due to the fact that the holder can rotate 360° horizontally and 180° vertically.

Once you have selected a comfortable position, all you have to do is clamp the fixation bolt on the mount.

Now about the recording parameters. The microphone is omnidirectional. So it can be mounted even in the center of the table and record the speech of two or more people.

The model can cover the frequency range from 50 Hz to 16 kHz. This is quite enough for home use. It has a sensitivity of -55 dB ±2, so if you’re in a pretty noisy room, your voice can be badly heard.

So, you’ll need to get a little closer to the microphone. You can connect the microphone to any source with a microphone mini-jack. For example a computer, laptop, voice recorder, receiver and so on.

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Blue Snowball iCE USB 

Blue Snowball iCE USB The time has come to consider an alternative microphone for computers.

The fact is that the sound and power in the model Blue Snowball iCE USB are transmitted through a single cable with a USB plug.

In cases when the notebook or PC has a broken mini-jack connector or it is one and already busy, this model will help you.

Note that you will not need to install any drivers to get started. All you need to do is to select a source for USB writing in the desired application.

Now let’s look at the design and construction of the model. Let’s start with the fact that the microphone is very compact, so you can easily store it in a small box.

Also, if you make frequent video calls, you can carry it with you during your business trips. Among the advantages of the model is the flexible tube.

Thanks to this, you can point the microphone in almost any direction. Choose a convenient angle for you. It is also worth noting the basis of the design – a beautiful semicircle with notches on the perimeter.

At its bottom is a foam padding, which will ensure a good grip of the microphone with smooth surfaces.

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Fosmon Cardioid Condenser Microphone XLR

Fosmon Cardioid Condenser Microphone XLRThe Fosmon Cardioid Condenser Microphone XLR is suitable for notebooks with any type of sound card.

Despite its compact size, it has excellent performance due to the capacitor type of capturing sound waves used in it.

Also, this microphone does not need extra power, unlike other models of this type.

The compact size and ease of connection allow you to carry the device with you and start it in action if necessary.

An extra plus is the ability to connect the microphone to the recording device. For example, it can be connected to a recorder.

The sensitivity of the model is also at a good level and is -34dB ±2. It can be connected to any device with a suitable connector. By the way, there is a modification and with a USB sound card in the package.

In addition to the fact that you can connect to it the microphone itself, there is an output for headphones to immediately listen to your voice. Also, it has a volume up and down buttons. A little higher there are mute buttons on the microphone and in the headphones.

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HyperX QuadCast

HyperX QuadCastThe HyperX QuadCast directional microphone is designed to record voice or talk at high ambient noise levels.

Directional microphone and fast digital processing ensure confident speech intelligibility.

This microphone hears only those sounds that are present in its area of directionality. Noises and unnecessary conversations outside the area are simply removed.

HyperX QuadCast is used as a microphone for conversation during online gaming. It allows you to comfortably communicate with the interlocutor.

Also, HyperX QuadCast is used as a microphone for speech recognition and voice recording on your computer.

This microphone is lightweight and easy to use. To connect to a computer complete with the device has an adapter from the S-Jack connector.

Relatively small size, condenser microphone capsule has a wide frequency range. It also has a good signal-to-noise ratio. The signal is transmitted to the computer via a 1.3 meter long cable.

The microphone itself has a frequency range of 100Hz – 20kHz, which is suitable only for speech. The sensitivity of the model is quite good: about -47dB ±4. In particular, if we talk about normal communication in chat or video games, this value is quite enough.

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