11 Best boundary microphones 2022

Originally, boundary microphones were designed to amplify voice recording during negotiations and speeches. The neat and discreet form is combined with sufficiently clear sound transmission.

The surface-type devices are available in small and flat shapes. The sensitivity of the microphone is so great that even the quietest, almost imperceptible sounds can be “heard”. Because of this super-sensitivity, the microphone can send the sound of a musical instrument.

This overview presents the best microphones that have all the features you need.


AKG CBL 410 PCCThe AKG CBL 410 PCC is an easy to use Plug and play desktop microphone for use with any PC or notebook.

This desktop microphone is a compact and virtually versatile device. It can be used with various amplification devices. In its class, the CBL 410 PCC edge microphone is one of the best.

If you are conducting a variety of teleconferences, it will be very important for you to hear the speech of anyone present.

The CBL 410 PCC Boundary Layer Microphone is designed to receive external voice signals with high quality. With a wide-angle of directionality, the microphone has a long switching cable.

Thanks to it, you can install the microphone at enough distance from your computer. The sensitive element allows you to convey to your hearing even the quietest speech.

The updated and unique CBL 410 PCC microphone model is simple and easy to use every day. The microphone is available in the Plug and plays series for personal computers.

It interacts with Windows and macOS operating systems without installing special drivers. The microphone can be used with both personal computers and notebooks.

This microphone can be conveniently placed right on your desk. Unique electronics characteristics allow playing voice with incredibly clear and natural sound.

The microphone has a stereo jack and a 100-centimeter cable. The internal ability to cascade the microphone makes it the most ideal sounding boundary device.

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Shure CVB-B/O

Shure CVB-B/OAmerican company Shure represents a microphone of boundary field Shure CVB-B/O.

The design of the microphone Shure CVB-B/O is equipped with a sensitive capsule. This capsule is capable of capturing even the quietest sounds.

It can send the voice of interlocutors in the mode of receiving and transmitting online broadcasts.

In addition to the quality of the capsule, the design of this microphone has a built-in microphone cable.

The cable is four meters long. It is equipped with a quality connector with a balanced XLR patch connector.

These features show the particularly high quality of the Shure CVB-V/O border field microphone.

Only the highest quality and professional components are used in the design of this near-field microphone. Thanks to this microphone can be easily used in any professional field.

For example, the microphone can be used for video or audio conferences. You can use it in conference rooms, web presentations, and seminars. As well as in various business offices to sound the voice during business meetings.

A designed electronic circuit of the microphone is equipped with a screening system. This allows you to get a cleaner signal, without any external interference.

Thus, the internal electronics system helps to protect this microphone from unwanted interference. Among these is radio frequency interference from all kinds of portable and wireless devices.

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AmazonBasics USB

AmazonBasics USBThe AmazonBasics USB is a surface condenser microphone for percussion instruments.

It is positioned as the optimal solution for the sound of bass drums and other percussion instruments.

As well as grand pianos and uprights. This microphone can also be mounted at the front edge of the stage to capture the actors’ speech in the theatre.

You can also use it in the general background of the stage and the concert hall. The novelty provides a powerful natural sound and captures the rapid attacks of the instrument.

Model AmazonBasics USB is made in a compact and durable housing. It protects the microphone from mechanical damage.

The housing makes it suitable for daily use in difficult stage conditions. The AmazonBasics USB has a semi-cardioid orientation. The microphone also withstands very high sound pressure levels and has a built-in preamplifier.

This microphone has a preamplifier with an XLR connector. This makes it easy to connect the microphone to the stage and the studio. There is a red indicator next to the output connector.

This indicates that the phantom power is available and that the microphone is working. The bottom side of the microphone has a special mount for permanent installation.

A non-slip rubber coating will prevent it from shifting during temporary installation. A transport bag is included with the delivery.

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Beyerdynamic Classis BM53 USB

Beyerdynamic Classis BM53 USBThe Beyerdynamic Classis BM53 USB is a surface-microphone with a USB interface.

Beyerdynamic has launched the Classis BM53 USB surface condenser microphone. This model is ideal for a variety of applications.

For example, recording music or vocals, creating podcasts or holding a video conference.

One of the most important advantages of the novelty is the ability to use it not only with Mac or PC but also with mobile devices. To connect a microphone to the latter, you need an adapter.

For recording musical instruments, this microphone has a slightly unusual design. This form is very convenient for video conference sounding.

The microphone can be placed on any surface right next to the speaker. Sounding and speech transmission will take place with the balance of frequencies.

The process of the sound recording is like a loopy or conventional vocal microphone. The microphone is hemispherical and has a wide and even frequency response.

Beyerdynamic Classis BM53 USB has protection against radio frequency interference called Scudio.

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Yamaha YVC-300

Yamaha YVC-300The Yamaha YVC-300 is a speakerphone for small meeting rooms.

YVC-300 microphone is designed for groups of 4-6 users who negotiate in a small room at one table.

The device has one wideband speaker and an array of three microphones. It supports connection via analog audio interfaces, to a computer via USB, to mobile devices via Bluetooth.

And all connections can work simultaneously, providing a unified interface.

The YVC-300 package includes a USB cable and a set of printed documentation.

The cable in this model has a length of three meters and a USB-miniUSB format.

In appearance, the model has a characteristic design for this class. Flat triangular case with rounded corners has a height of about 4.5 cm. It can be inscribed in a circle with a diameter of about 25 cm. The weight excluding cables is 760 g.

The speaker grille is located at the top of the center. It is single here and directed strictly upwards. There are microphones in the three corners.

The special design of the niches for them allows receiving signals both through the upper grilles and the end grilles. Around each microphone, there is an LED indicator of operation.

A niche with buttons for controlling the device as well as indicators is located near one of the edges. The keys are large, backlit and easy to use.

At the other edge, you can see the NFS connection zone icon. Underneath it, on the bottom side of the case, there is a recess used for connecting cables.

There is a mini USB port for power and computer connections. The microphone also has two 3.5 mm mini-jacks for connecting analog audio inputs and outputs.

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Movo MC1000

Movo MC1000 Movo MC1000 microphone is a hyper-cardioid directional boundary layer device.

You get balanced acoustic performance, clarity, naturalness, and transparency of the transmitted sound. As a bonus, you also get the classic quality and reliability of Movo.

One of the most important advantages of the MC1000 model is the switchable cut-off low-pass filter.

It reduces noise from the surface on which the microphone is placed. The result is a studio-quality sound. No extraneous footsteps, sighs or knocks.

The Movo MC1000 microphone has a stylish design, non-standard shape, and durable shockproof design.

So it fits perfectly into any interior. It will perfectly withstand even the toughest working conditions. The three-meter cable allows you to install the device in a convenient place and position.

This microphone comes with W547 wind protection.

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Yamaha YVC-200

Yamaha YVC-200The Yamaha YVC-200 is a speakerphone for personal use.

YVC-200 has proprietary technologies. Echo cancellation, voice separation from background noise, microphones.

They work even when both participants in the conversation speak simultaneously. There is also a built-in powerful speaker.

It confidently sounds the interlocutor at the volume of the conversation.

It is possible to connect to a PC, tablet, and smartphone via USB and Bluetooth, with a fast connection to a mobile device via NFC.

The built-in battery provides up to 10 hours of operation. Fully compatible with specialized conference software.

Touch-screen control allows you not to click the buttons during a conversation or distract from the conversation. The headset socket allows you to talk without revealing the details of the conversation to others.

The Yamaha YVC-200 is a portable field conference speakerphone.

You can use many audio sources and receivers at the same time as the speakerphone. Firstly, this model is a sound card when connected via USB to computers with Windows and macOS of several latest generations.

In this case, no special extra drivers are required – everything works “out of the box”.  The result is the largest compatibility with any software on your computer.

Including Skype and online conference software. In this way, the volume control of the buttons on the device case is transmitted to the operating system and back.

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Beyerdynamic Phonum

Beyerdynamic PhonumBeyerdynamic Phonum speakerphone has a wireless connection and a battery.

It comes with a branded carrying case, USB cable and instructions.  The case is black and much larger than the speakerphone itself.

It provides a good level of protection, although it is soft enough in itself. The outer side is made of matte leather-like material.

Inside, a fabric gasket is used. It has a zipped cover and a fabric loop. On the upper side, there is a glossy logo of the manufacturer.

The top half hides an extra insert behind which there is a USB cable compartment.

The assembly weight of the structure is about 640 g, and dimensions – height 9 cm, diameter – just under 16 cm.

The USB cable supports the 2.0 standard and has a standard Type-A port on one side. It also has a modern and handy Type C port on the other to connect to the speakerphone.

The length of the cable is one meter. Thick and soft black shell is used, causing associations with professional audio equipment. The manual includes versions in several languages. It provides detailed information on working with the device.

You can download electronic versions of documents from the website in the support section. As well as the firmware upgrade program, which is available in Windows and macOS versions.

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Plantronics Calisto 610

Plantronics Calisto 610Plantronics Calisto 610 speakerphone has wireless support and a built-in battery.

The wired version is suitable for office use, small meeting rooms and as a speakerphone paired with a home PC or laptop.

When it comes to home use, this model can be considered to voice transmission during the strips.

Also, this microphone will be useful for leading Youtube channels or for video communication.

The set of this microphone includes a micro USB cable and case, as well as a set of technical documentation.

Plantronics Calisto 610 is made in a compact body of black soft-touch plastic. Compact size and light weight will allow you to take the speakerphone for meetings.

The upper part is almost completely covered with metal mesh. It hides the built-in speaker and non-directional microphone. A difference from the older version is also the absence of a bidirectional microphone.

On the side is the Kensington lock, which provides protection against theft in the office or public meeting room. Next to it is a micro USB connector.

The top cover has several mechanical control buttons with a transparent coating. These paired buttons are designed to change the speaker volume. You can also lock the microphone button and receive incoming calls.

The last two buttons are red backlit, the brightness level is low and they do not interfere. Another backlighting area is on the Plantronics logo.

On the bottom of the Plantronics Calisto 610, there is a rubber overlay, it takes up the whole area. Thanks to it, a good grip on a flat surface is ensured.

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Yamaha YVC-MIC1000EX

Yamaha YVC-MIC1000EXThe Yamaha YVC-MIC1000EX is an external cascaded omnidirectional microphone.

It is designed to work with the YVC-CTU1000 control unit. Together, these two devices form a speakerphone for video and audio conferences in small and medium scales.

YVC series combines many advanced sound processing technologies. They have been developed by Yamaha for years.

One of the most popular was the so-called “HVAD”. It is a technology for the recognition of human voice.

HVAD allows you to detect and separate the parasitic noise and human voice. This improves the quality of communication and eliminates stressful situations in important negotiations.

The microphone is also equipped with such technologies as noise reduction and automatic level control.

With this microphone, you will also have access to extras. Such as reverberation suppressor, automatic equalizer and feedback suppressor.

The system can be expanded and scaled up depending on the task at hand. Up to five YVC-MIC1000EX microphones can be connected to the control unit on a cascade principle.

The location of microphones in space is not limited. It can be customized for a particular room or office. External speakers of the required power can also be connected to the control unit.

This technology guarantees comfortable communication between participants of a business meeting. The number of them can reach 40 people.

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Crown PCC130

Crown PCC130The Crown PCC130 is a tabletop condenser microphone.

It perfectly combines a small stylish case with high-quality professional devices. The device can handle loads up to 120 dB.

Its electret condenser capsule provides a smooth frequency response between 50 Hz and 20 kHz.

This effectively minimizes background noise and virtually eliminates the feedback effect.

Besides, the low-frequency response can be adjusted with the three-position FLAT/CUT/ BOOST switch.

Built-in electronics allow operation from 12-48V phantom power from the mixer or amplifier. An included cable with TA3F and triple XLR connectors are used for the connection.

It is 4.6 m long. So you can easily install the microphone at a fairly long distance from the main equipment. For example, on a conference table or lecturer’s department.

All these features make the PCC130 an excellent choice for conference and meeting rooms. You can also use it in lecture rooms, courtrooms. It is also suitable for any other room where a miniature, high-quality microphone is required.

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