11 Best microphones for streaming 2022

YouTube is evolving, and with it, video blogs and streaming. A Stream is a broadcast of what happens on your computer in real-time.

Most often it’s the passing of games, but it can also be a broadcast of anime voice recording, a movie and much more. So to please the demanding audience, everything must be of high quality. And for that, you need good equipment.

Traditionally it includes the computer itself, webcam and microphone. Sound in most cases takes the main role. When choosing it is important to be guided not only by the price. But also by the purpose for which the device will be bought.

This rating presents the best microphones for streaming from a simple budget to a professional.

Razer Seiren X

Razer Seiren XThe Razer Seiren X is a good USB microphone which is mainly designed for streaming.

The model looks professional, quality made. It is also ideal for communication while playing a game or recording a podcast.

The front of the microphone has a volume control. There are also microphone sensitivity control and a mute button.

It changes color from green to red. At the bottom of the Seiren X is a 3.5 mm headphone jack. There is also a switch to turn on or off the logo illumination and a USB Mini-A connector.

Recording quality is good, the microphone is excellent at capturing sound during streaming.

The sound device offers two options for the sound diagram. A three-position switch at the microphone allows you to change the sound capture to cardioid or omnidirectional.

The first one is suitable for recording podcasts, taking a strip or sounding. The second option captures the sound around you. It increases the quality of the recording while many people are talking or enjoying live music.

The microphone is made of quality plastic and a little heavier than it looks. To connect the device to your computer, you do not need to install any extra programs. Everything happens automatically.

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Blue Microphones Spark Digital

Blue Microphones Spark DigitalIt’s easy to make a professional stream, just buy Blue Microphones Spark Digital.

It is suitable for both streaming and vocal recording or instruments. Every year the viewers become more demanding.

Even a very little noise can take them off the channel or broadcast. So to avoid such problems, the right equipment is required.

Because, for example, during live broadcasts, it is not possible to mount the sound.

And what can this very microphone do? It’s a capacitor with cardioid orientation. It’s a premium microphone.

Its circuitry also belongs to class A, which confirms premium quality. The peculiarity of this model is that the signal is clear and as detailed as possible.

That’s why it’s important to take care of the surrounding sounds during the broadcast.

The microphone’s anti-shock system ensures that it will work even after falling on a hard horizontal surface from a height of up to two meters.

The microphone works in two modes. Focus (for the largest detail) and Normal (the largest sensitivity to low frequencies). Operates in a frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. It can be easily connected to any device via USB.

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GXT 242 LANCEThe GXT 242 LANCE is your assistant in the recording.

With it, you’ll stop thinking about poor sound quality. Don’t worry about external noise and interference.

This microphone can record vocals, guitar parts, interviews, strips, tweets and so on. The pop filter will cut unnecessary high and low frequencies.

Feature of GXT 242 LANCE an easy connection. All you need to do to start recording is connect a microphone to your computer. You don’t need to install any drivers.

Although the Trust GXT 242 LANCE is a budget microphone, it has a rich technical filling.

It features a powerful capacitor capsule and a 16-bit analog-to-digital converter with sampling rates up to 48 kHz.

Thanks to these characteristics, the microphone is guaranteed to record clear sound. The GXT 242 LANCE also comes with a very rich package.

In the box, you will find a USB cable – USB Type-B, a rack, a spider mount, and a pop filter. Recording with Trust GXT 242 LANCE is a simple and enjoyable activity.

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Blue Yeti Nano Premium

Blue Yeti Nano PremiumBlue Yeti Nano Premium is one of the most popular USB microphones among gamers and streamers.

It has excellent build quality. If it is important for the user to send vocal data, you should consider Yeti Nano.

The front panel of the microphone has a headphone volume control and a mute button with LED backlight.

On the opposite side, there are two buttons: directional chart selection and gain.

Blue Yeti Nano Premium is equipped with four different types of sound capture. They are activated depending on the situation.

The cardioid mode is suitable for streamers and gamers. Stereo mode is suitable for recording music.

It is omnidirectional for discussing the situation with interlocutors at a round table. You can also use it for taking interviews when faces are sitting opposite each other.

With 16-bit audio streaming speed and a 48 kHz sampling rate, you can achieve a quality audio recording. It looks like a professional recorded video or video in a computer game. No extra software download is required.

This microphone provides high-quality sound. Thanks to the presence of noise reduction, the sound is also quite clean. Extraneous noise does not reach the recording. In the complete set with the device, the reliable weighted support is delivered.

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Samson G-Track Pro

Samson G-Track ProSamson G-Track Pro is a professional USB microphone with the excellent build quality.

It is ideal for streaming and recording podcasts. It has three directional charts: cardioid, omnidirectional and bidirectional.

They are combined with a double 25 mm diaphragm. The switching of polar patterns is free, located on the mixing console.

Stability is achieved by the rugged, stylish stand. Mounts help fix the microphone in the ideal position relative to the narrator.

Except for the front controls, the unit is completely made of metal.

All necessary controls are located on the microphone’s mixing console. Thus it is not necessary to make changes in the equalizer or computer sound settings.

You can adjust the directional chart, recording mode, microphone volume and instrument input.

The sound quality is like a studio sound. It will be difficult for the average user to distinguish fine roughness. A sufficiently high sampling rate allows for excellent sound output. The frequency range 50Hz – 20 kHz captures a wide range of voices.

From the controls, it is necessary to note the change of volume of a check output and button Mute. It is incredibly important during the Streams. There are also two adjustments on the back: gain and selection of recording modes.

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HyperX QuadCast

HyperX QuadCastHyperX QuadCast professional studio USB microphone can be used for professional activities.

You can use it to record vocals, music, podcasts, and video while you’re streaming.

It’s perfect if you decide to set up a small studio at home to voice your videos or if you like to stream on twitch.

Most streamers broadcast from home rather than in a professional studio. Okay, there are noises in the recording.

Even microphones with good noise reduction produce distortions that are noticeable to listeners.

In the case of the HyperX QuadCast microphone, an anti-vibration mount is included. A rubberized lanyard is stretched around its circumference.

This cord picks up any vibrations and dampens them. The result is the clearest sound possible.

The anti-vibration mount is made of durable plastic, so there is no need to worry about its fragility. This microphone in it clamps firmly and does not slide inside due to the foam padding.

Streamers are actively breathing while communicating and recording. And when you breathe into the microphone you get noise. To avoid such noise, you need a pop filter, which comes with HyperX QuadCast.

In addition to respiratory protection, it also protects against saliva. It is harmful and undesirable to the microphone.

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EJT Lavalier Lapel Microphone

EJT Lavalier Lapel MicrophoneIn addition to the standard “strip” models, there is also such a variety as loop microphones for the strip.

They are small, comfortable, attached to clothes or body. In terms of quality, they can be inferior to their big counterparts.

But, but, they’re comfortable and cheap. Many companies specifically design loop microphones for gamers.

They are suitable for those who have quality headphones but don’t have their own microphone.

The feature of the EJT Lavalier Lapel Microphone is that it can be attached to any headphones. Also suitable for beginners, it belongs to a range of budget microphones.

This microphone is inexpensive, but the quality is high enough. No headset or built-in version can compete with it.

The microphone is easy to install and you can use it immediately, without long settings. Unlike most microphones, the EJT Lavalier Lapel Microphone does not send keyboard sound.

Because loopy microphones are set up to record one person. It also softens background noise. For a novice streamer, a working frequency of between 100 Hz and 10 kHz is enough. A nice bonus is a 3-meter cord.

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Apogee Hype

Apogee HypeThe huge advantage of the Apogee Hype microphone is its compact size.

If you travel and record podcasts on the road, make strips and much more, this microphone will be a great help for you.

You can easily put it in your bag with your laptop and go anywhere in the world. You don’t have to carry tripods and lots of cables for the microphone with you.

The microphone can be connected via USB. There’s no need to buy separate software, tripods, adapters and more.

You just take the gadget out of the box, connect it to your computer or laptop, and then you can start making content.

It’s a condenser microphone with a 25-millimeter aperture. The frequency is between 20 Hz and 20 kHz. It has a headphone jack and the ability to work through an adapter with your iPad tablet.

On the head of the microphone is an overlay from the wind. It further reduces noise due to air pressure, not just breathing.

The microphone’s sensitivity zone is hidden under the “directionality diagram” concept. This is the area in which the microphone receives the signal well.

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Neewer NW-800

Neewer NW-800Neewer NW-800 microphone is used by many video bloggers for voice recording.

So if you want to broadcast on the internet or record flight screens, this is the ideal option. The microphone comes complete with a special tripod.

It can be placed on a table and conveniently placed in front of you. The microphone is a studio microphone, it has an excellent clear sound recording.

Especially in terms of recording voice or musical instruments. The body has an option to adjust the volume ratio and so on.

Connects the microphone via USB, works with Mac OS and Windows. No drivers are needed for comfortable work.

The microphone is supplied with a soft case for transportation. So the product can also be transported comfortably in the bag for long distances.

Frequency here is from 20 to 20 kHz, no extra power, except USB, the microphone is not required. It’s worth saying that this is quite a professional tool. It can safely be called the best on the market for its price.

This microphone has a cardioid directivity chart. That means that it only receives sounds from the front of it in an area of about 130°. All home noises and other sounds that come from behind. The microphone will ignore what is ideal for a home studio.

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Audio-Technica AT2020

Audio-Technica AT2020The microphone Audio-Technica AT2020 is used in professional recording.

That is, singers, record their tracks through this microphone. Then, after processing, the tracks are sent for sale.

This shows the high quality of the device and the purity of the recording. The microphone has a studio-class capacitor capsule.

This allows the product to record the clear and dense sound of speech. You can also use it to record sound in noisy places.

The unit comes with a fairly heavy and stable stand. It won’t let the microphone fall, even if you shake your desk heavily.

There are four microphone direction modes for recording sound. It connects via USB. Or you can connect the product to your iPad and work with branded applications.

There is a headphone jack on the microphone body. There is also a switch for working with different modes, volume, mute key.

With the installation of equipment on the table there are no questions. Everything is primitive and clear even without instructions. The microphone is connected to the computer via the usual USB.

It is recognized as a separate sound card. The recording is immediately installed in stereo. The check output jack 3.5 can be used as a normal default output. When it’s important to hear both game sounds and your voice during a Stream, these connectors are very helpful.

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Blue Yeticaster Professional microphone

Blue Yeticaster Professional microphoneBlue Yeticaster Professional microphone is designed for live cybersports competitions.

You can also use it for serious commercial streaming. The deep black body looks stylish, although the design is not too eye-catching.

The microphone is mounted on a stand and plugs into a computer USB port.

It comes with an optional micro USB to USB adapter, a 3-meter cable for connection and a wind protection cap.

It is an omnidirectional condenser principle microphone with 120dB sensitivity. It has a frequency range from 20 to 20 thousand Hertz, the largest resistance of 160 m.

One of the most important features of Blue Yeticaster Professional is the ability to check the sound with zero delays.

This requires headphones to be connected directly to the microphone. This is critical for team gaming, so team members can hear each other’s voices instantly.

The designed Pro-grade Dynamic Capsule combined with a limiter and filter ensures a good vocal tone. Before, it was only possible to achieve this on higher-tech equipment that was not available to the average user.

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